Blog question.

  • I looked around and couldn't find anything on this so I am going to ask. Is there a limit on what you can post in your blog? Ik the obvious no explicit content, but is there a limit on language, like cussing, and adult themes, not like adult relationships but stuff like depression and drinking? One of my characters has these problems in his character design, and I just wanted to ask if that stuff is ok if I put like a trigger warning and put it in a spoiler so people have a warning. ex like "Warning, this post contains talk of depression and drinking, read with caution" then the text is hidden? If not I can rework the story line, I just thought I would ask.

  • Competition Committee

    This is what it says in the rules "Please avoid the following topics: suicide, animal/human abuse, rape, graphic images, murder/mutilation, mental health, or drug use." Other than that the common rule is that everything you write should be appropriate for a 13 year old to read and view. But I think @Elsie-Spectre can answer this better :slight_smile:

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