Merry Christmas Riz!

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    Merry Christmas Riz! Sorry she's a lil late1

    These images were taken when we first brought her back we have been a bit too busy with the barn chores and it has been nothing but muddy slush over here so it is proving impossible to get cutesy winter ones.

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    We were at the local auction looking for tack and we saw her and knew we had to bring her back. She does not have a name although we have been calling her Darla. When we got her from the auction they said she was a Polish Draft.

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    She’s giant, sweet, and at times a lil sassy. She loves children.

    They claim she is broke to ride but we don't have any tack big enough for her.

    Her tail is sadly docked but we think that adds to her character. She looks to have had her ears trimmed up recently but she does not like clippers around her muzzle.

    She is quickly becoming one of everyones' favorites around the barn and we hope you love her as much as we do!

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  • Shes gorgeous! Thank you so much! I'm so excited to add her to my drafter collection! :D

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