DPPR New Year's Stud Service [CLOSED - 5 Babies!]

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    Hello! For the start of 2018, we're offering 4 studs for a limited time from our premiere english stock. 2 Warmbloods and 2 Thoroughbreds are available for your browsing pleasure, and slots vary. Pricing is done based on amount of points each stud currently has, and traditional breedings are an additional 10,000 ontop of that fee. If a stud gains points whilst he is still available, I will not be updating pricing to reflect this - so who knows, you might even get a better deal.

    All the foals genders and colors are randomized via dice rolls. You have the option to indicate a preferred gender and colour on the application form and you will be 2x as likely to pull that colour/gender. Please keep in mind this randomization, and don't be disappointed if you roll a particularly unwanted coat/sex. Obviously, I don't want you being upset at your offspring, but I like to keep things a little fun/random!

    My rules are simple in that they're practically non-existent; I will not chase you about these offspring and I have no activity requirements. Feel free to do whatever your heart desires with them, be that edit the coat or adjust them to make them fit your HD mod, so long as you give them lots of hugs and a wonderful home :heart:

    With that out of the way, let's see the boys available! Applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis, and foals will be sent as adults/yearlings.

    UPDATE - January 28th, 2018
    Wow, the response to this thread has been utterly humbling :hugging: Due to the popularity of this thread I've put four more up. There were a lot of replies last time & I'm not sure if I'll be putting any more up after this, so I'm really super sorry if you're late to apply, I'll be keeping a close(r) eye on the Google form to ensure I accurately mark down who's slots are gone.

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    Akhal-Teke | Perlino | Ee/Aa/CrCr | Eventing [58, +12] / n.a
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    MSE Corypheus is the first of our new wave of studs. Out of MSE Hangmang's Body Count by MSE Lucky Lolita, Cory is a descendant of the extremely influential stud MSE Shakhid. This is a fine choice for anyone looking to expand their Teke program or to drabble in German Sporthorses, who Cory has sired in the past -- DPPR Lindeza & DPPR Ziraeal are both RPSI fillies he's fathered that have turned out marvellous in colour and temperament. Currently, he's priced at 5,800 for BIYs and 15,800 for traditional breedings* and is open for 2 slots this season. Please note that because Cory is CrCr, he will not be able to produce non-dilutes.

    alt text
    German Sporthorse (DSP/RPSI) | Bay Dominant White | Ee/Aa/nW | Eventing [15, +1] / Show-Jumping [14, +4]
    alt text

    Second is SW Vatt'ghern who is an excellent colour investment. By our stud DPPR Nolan North and out of Pandora AT, Victor is a full brother to DPPR Brumous, who was sold at auction back in 2017. He's had mixed results in shows, but he certainly makes up for that in his stunning and appealing looks. A trusting mount, we are excited to see what he throws for his first offspring. Currently, he's priced at 1,500 for BIYs and 11,500 for traditional breedings and is open for 2 slots this season.

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    Trakehner | Sooty Bay | Ea/Aa/nSty | Show-Jumping [96, +9] / n.a
    alt text

    Thirdly, MSE Invisible Monsters is another one of our lesser-known MSE studs, but have been successful regardless. Monster has been a successful sire in the past, we have a colt by him (Dear Monsters FN) and he has produced another colt for public sale, DPPR Become The Beast. By the iconic MSE Project Mayhem out of MSE Beautiful Remains, Monster has the pedigree and color to offer much to your programs. He is priced at 9,600 for BIYs and 19,600 for traditional breedings, and is open for 3 slots this season.

    alt text
    Thoroughbred | Grey (Chestnut) | ee/aa/Gg | Eventing [52, +11] / Dressage [57, +11]
    alt text

    Finally is Witchcraft AW. Seeing as our TB studs were so successful, we decided to put another one up this time around, and this time it's push-button Zermir. A sweet and clingy boy, he is by Ocean Pearl's L.A. Noire by Voodoo Doll SHS, so he has big names behind him. Zermir has never been bred before so we're anxious to see what he throws, and with his grey gene in play who knows what could happen! He's being priced at 10,900 for BIYs and 20,900 for traditional breedings, and is open for 2 slots this season.

    MSE Corypheus 0/2
    SW Vatt'ghern 0/2
    MSE Invisible Monsters 0/3
    Witchcraft AW 0/2

  • GE Royally Masochistic has all his slots taken :confused: That was exceptionally quick, seems I've miscalculated.

    I will have him replaced with another stud sometime in the week, and the other 3 are all open still!

    EDIT: VPE Limnanthes is gone too :see_no_evil:


  • This post is deleted!

  • First foals are here! :heart_decoration:

    alt text
    DPPR Lantana, Smokey Black Thoroughbred filly bred for @Sadie-Woodson (VPE Limnanthes x Sovereign's Princess Of Hearts)

    alt text
    DPPR Minority Masochism, Smokey Cream Thoroughbred colt bred for @Aylin-Ashryver (GE Royally Masochistic x Ash's Petit Chou)

    Files will be sent to emails provided as soon as possible, and I hope you're both happy with your new lovelies! I'll have another 2 bred by tomorrow/Wednesday, and hopefully 2 more studs up to replace the ones gone. In the meantime, RDEC Socrates & Duval's Rangeman still have 2 slots available apiece.

  • Oh she is so cute! I can't wait to start competing with her

  • Those are some of the cutest thoroughbreds I have seen! :heart_eyes: I am so excited for my Socrates foal!

  • Dang, the stud I want has no more slots :cry:

  • Quick update! Two more babies are in progress. Duval's Rangeman has had all his slots taken, and Socrates has 1 remaining.

    Stud replacing might have to wait to the weekend, I've become unexpectedly busy. But rest assured, I'll have more boys up here soon :heart:

  • Another set of babies!

    alt text
    DPPR Royal Conqueror, Smokey Cream Overo Thoroughbred colt bred for @Andrea-Burdine (GE Royally Masochistic x Rosewood's Conquest)

    alt text
    DPPR Lathyrus, Palomino Tobiano ISH colt bred for @Fiora-Healy (VPE Limnanthes x RHOV Ophelia)

    Files will be sent to emails provided as soon as I can! I hope you're pleased with them :heart:

    I have four studs chosen to replace our current four, and RDEC Socrates still has 1 slot remaining. Once his slot is taken, this service will be closed while I work on the babies left to make and get the new ones up :confetti_ball:

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    What a soft and handsome boy Lathyrus is! I love him! :heart:
    Thank you @Luke-Teth! :blush:

  • What a pity that there are no more thoroughbred :cry:

  • How long will they be available for(the warmbloods in particular)? Is it possible to reserve a breeding for future at extra charge?

  • Feels like years since I last posted pics of the foals. Two more!

    alt text
    DPPR Solon, Grey (Black) Dutch Warmblood colt bred for @Bleu-Kauffman (RDEC Socrates x Adelaide AT)

    alt text
    DPPR Rantize, Bay Dutch Warmblood filly bred for @Katherine-Star-Ackles (Duval's Rangeman x Pss Oprah the Queen)

    Files will be sent to emails provided as soon as I can! I hope you're happy with your new kiddos :kiss:

    The last two babies owed will be coming hopefully soon, along with new studs. Exam season's rolled up unexpectedly fast and it's been hectic, but it's also been a pleasure to make these foals!

  • Our final batch until I get more studs up :blush:

    alt text
    DPPR Rantiform, Grey (Seal Bay) Dutch Warmblood colt bred for @Cristyne-Westwood (Duval's Rangeman x HRSA The Angels Take Manhattan)

    alt text
    DPPR Randan, Grey (Black) Dutch Warmblood colt bred for @Holden-Guinness (Duval's Rangeman x PF Starrstruck)

    Files will be sent to emails once payment is received! :heart:

    Exams are finally over, so that means I can start focusing on getting the next round of studs up. Be prepaaaared :guitar: :laughing:

  • Witchcraft's slots are gone again in record time, I think my TB program needs some expansion.

    Monster has 0 slot remaining (Jeeeeeeezzzzz speedy speedy), Victor & Cory have no apps yet. This has been Stud Watch:tm: w/ Luke :laughing:

    EDIT: Corypheus has both slots remaining and Vatt'ghern has one left.

  • All slots are gone except for MSE Corypheus, who has one left.

    A huge thank you to everyone who overloaded my google form with your apps <3

  • Five babies! I am on a roll. :paintbrush:

    alt text
    DPPR Witch's Luster, Black Thoroughbred filly bred for @Nora-Pigott (Witchcraft AW x Gormlaith)

    alt text
    DPPR Witch's Fire, Bay Thoroughbred filly bred for @Blake-Bellanaris (Witchcraft AW x Charming's On Fire)

    alt text
    DPPR Listless Monsters, Liver (Sooty) Chestnut Roan Trakehner colt bred for @Erin-Ward (MSE Invisible Monsters x GOS Lissuin)

    alt text
    DPPR Monstrum Hostis, Palomino Dominant White Trakehner filly bred for @Leah-Harrington (MSE Invisible Monsters x CDC Antigone)

    alt text
    DPPR Invisible Killers, Sooty Bay Dominant White Trakehner filly bred for @Johanna-Masters (MSE Invisible Monsters x MG Assassin)

    Files will be sent to emails once payment is received! :heart:

    There are around 4-6 foals remaining, which will be started on soon :D

  • @Luke-Teth OMG I LOVE HER!!!!!!!! šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

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    Iā€™m so excited!!! I love her so much thank you!!

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