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    Welcome to Rosewood

    Originally established in the 1970's, Rosewood Center was a formidable opponent in the competition world. However, with all success stories, there is an inevitable downfall. Rosewood has changed hands several times before reaching its current state, but it has never changed in its mission. Rosewood promises top quality horses who are handled from birth and eager to please, and trained to reach perfection in the show ring.

    High Quality Horses

    Rosewood's horses begin training as early as possible. They are handled from birth, and paired up with a trainer specially chosen to suit their needs. After initial training, horses spend time with all of our riders in the selected discipline in order to find their best match. This ensures the best possible show teams and the greatest chances for success. Our horse and rider teams form a special, lifelong bond which can be seen both in and out of the show ring.

    Friendly Staff

    One of the most important characteristics we look for when hiring new staff is charisma. Rosewood strives to be a welcoming business. While raising horses is not always fun and games, we try to make it seem that way. The staff is one big family, and we as a whole put friendship over competition. If you see one of our staff members during visiting hours, don't be afraid to say hello! <-

    Affordable Prices

    We strive for affordability in all offered services. Prices are as low as we are comfortable charging, and other payment options are often available for those who cannot afford our services. We are always happy to work something out with potential clients, so do not be afraid to contact us if you feel the need.


    Rosewood Center was originally established in the 1970’s under founders Jack and Mary Rosewood. They had a dream of breeding and competing top quality sport horses, and for a time they were very successful. Rosewood was a small facility in its early days, run only by the Rosewoods and a small staff. Twenty years later, they were having a hard time keeping up with the competition. Jack was injured in a riding accident and unable to walk, and Mary became ill shortly after. Money became a problem, and even after selling most of their horses and all but one barn of the facility, they were unable to keep their land. When Mary died a year later, Jack was left completely unable to care for himself or his remaining horses. The remaining facilities were purchased in 2000 by a competitor, Lydia Burdine, who also eventually bought the rest of the land from previous buyers. Her family was considered the best of the best before suffering losses of their own. Lydia’s father died, and her mother needs around the clock care. While Lydia still owns and pays for the facility, her daughter, Andrea Burdine, has been appointed general manager of Rosewood Center, and a dream she had chased for 15 years became a reality.

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    Rosewood Center has a wide variety of staff members trained in all disciplines. We put attitude and willingness to work above skill when hiring new staff, and leave it to our trainers to work with both horse and rider to craft the perfect team. We are a very team-oriented facility and can say without a doubt that this philosophy only makes us stronger. We are always looking to hire more staff for our rapidly growing facility. For those interested, please contact manager Andrea at and she will get back to you shortly!

    Name Position
    Lydia Burdine Owner
    Andrea Burdine General Manager/Rider
    Lauren Gardner Trainer - Show Jumping/Rider
    Caden Grey Trainer - Dressage/Rider
    Hannah Murphy Trainer - Eventing/Rider
    Megan Carrington Trainer - Hunters/Rider
    Serena Kilmore Breeding Manager/Rider
    Isabel Galvan Show Coordinator/Rider
    Stephanie Howe Baroque Barn Manager
    Oliver Lewis Hunter Division Manger
    Aveline Ostler Draft Barn Manager
    Grayson West TREC/Endurance Division Manager
    David Regan Pony Division Manager
    Briana Hill On-Site Vet
    Mikaela Carr Rider
    Georgia Clarke Rider
    Liam Hall Rider
    Jake Hall Rider
    Olivia Daniels Rider
    Michael Trent Rider
    Maria Brock Rider
    Annaleigh Barnes Rider
    Lexi McFarland Rider
    Amira Valero Rider
    Sara Valero Rider
    Scott Pearson Rider
    Caitlyn Lyons Rider
    Allison Ford Rider
    Tegan Hart Rider
    Amy Stowers Rider

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    Rosewood Center - Sport Horse Division

    Rosewood's Sport Horse Division is our main focus, containing warmblood and thoroughbred horses from many facilities around the community. We own dozens of these fine horses who compete in the three major disciplines on Equus: Eventing, Dressage, and Show Jumping. While horses in our other divisions may compete alongside these horses, it is these sport horses that get the biggest focus. Color and bloodlines come together to create flashy horses who are successful in the ring and just as willing to work as our lovely staff. The vast majority of our throughbreds and warmbloods can be found in this section of our organization.

    Sport Horse Roster

    Name Gender Breed Color Discipline(s)
    UD Conradine Mare Hanoverian Black Eventing & Show Jumping
    RFE Incomparabila Mare Irish Sport Horse Bay Dressage
    WHEC Othello Stallion Trakehner Grey Eventing
    DPS All-American Girl Mare American Warmblood Bay Eventing
    KPE Matine Mare Dutch Warmblood Grey Dressage
    Draconis Hellthorns Mare Hanoverian Flaxen Chestnut Show Jumping
    Draconis Maiden Moon Stallion Belgian Warmblood Smokey Black Eventing
    RDEC Gambit Stallion Dutch Warmblood Bay Dressage
    DPPR Glasgow Grin Mare International Sport Horse Bay Overo Show Jumping
    SSH Andromeda Mare Oldenburg Black Dressage
    SAEC The Globalist Stallion Knabstrupper Bay Fewspot Show Jumping & Dressage
    Rosewood's Standing Ovation Stallion American Warmblood Black Dressage
    Rosewood's Firefly Mare Knabstrupper Chestnut Leopard Show Jumping
    Rosewood's Rising Tide Mare Irish Sport Horse Bay Tobiano Show Jumping
    Rosewood's Juno Mare American Warmblood Chestnut Dressage
    Rosewood's Pathfinder Stallion Irish Sport Horse Sooty Buckskin Tobiano Eventing & Dressage
    SAEC Lieutenant Stallion Hanoverian Black Eventing & Dressage
    GE After Eight Stallion Thoroughbred Black Eventing & Show Jumping
    DPPR Shadowcast Faith Mare Belgian Warmblood Sooty Buckskin Eventing & Dressage
    Rosewood's Conquest Mare Thoroughbred Palomino Splash Eventing & Show Jumping
    DPPR Palaven's Moon Mare Australian Warmblood Grey Splash Eventing
    DPPR A Regal Soldier Stallion American Warmblood Bay Tobiano Show Jumping & Dressage
    DPPR Assuming Direct Control Stallion German Sport Horse Sooty Buckskin Splash Eventing & Show Jumping
    EVEC Challenger Mare Hanoverian Bay Eventing & Show Jumping
    Rosewood's Star Chart Mare Knabstrupper Black Leopard Show Jumping & Dressage
    Rosewood's Bellona Mare American Warmblood Black Dressage
    Rosewood's Royal Protector Stallion International Sport Horse Grey Tovero Show Jumping
    Rosewood's Rise to Liberty Mare Anglo-Arabian Black Eventing
    DPPR The Nihilist Moon Mare International Sport Horse Bay Varnish Roan Tobiano Splash Eventing & Show Jumping
    OPS Pentatonix Stallion German Sport Horse Buckskin Tobiano Show Jumping
    Rosewood's Ambassador Stallion American Warmblood Black Sabino Show Jumping
    RFE Rosewood's Infernocus Stallion Irish Sport Horse Black Dressage
    AWE Windwalker Mare Thoroughbred Gray Eventing & Dressage
    AWE Black Sails Mare Thoroughbred Black Rabicano Eventing & Dressage
    Birdie's Bay Mine Mare Thoroughbred Bay Eventing & Show Jumping
    Rosewood's Merasmus Stallion German Sport Horse Dominant White Eventing & Show Jumping
    KPE Bling it On Mare Knabstrupper Bay Blanket Show Jumping
    WPW Carlotta Mare Thoroughbred Palomino Show Jumping
    VPE Zophea Mare Dutch Warmblood Black Tobiano Eventing & Show Jumping
    Rosewood's Paramount Stallion Irish Draught Seal Brown Eventing & Dressage
    Rosewood's Siarrah Mare Irish Draught Flaxen Chestnut Show Jumping & Dressage
    Rosewood's Mnemosyne Mare Irish Draught Gray Eventing & Show Jumping
    Rosewood's Diatomic Stallion Dutch Warmblood Flaxen Chestnut Show Jumping & Dressage
    Rosewood's Crafted Victory Mare Weikopolski Smokey Brown Splash Show Jumping & Eventing
    Rosewood's Flickerbeat Mare American Warmblood Black Tobiano Eventing & Show Jumping
    Celtic's Christmas Pudding Stallion Irish Sport Horse Bay Tobiano Eventing & Show Jumping
    Thessia Mare Trakehner Flaxen Chestnut Sabino Eventing
    Rosewood's Aeon Stallion American Warmblood Palomino Dressage & Show Jumping
    DPPR Royal Conqueror Stallion Thoroughbred Smokey Cream Overo Eventing & Show Jumping
    Rosewood's Architect Stallion Thoroughbred Buckskin Overo Dressage & Show Jumping
    Rosewood's Westwind Stallion Pintabian Dunalino Splash Show Jumping & Halter
    Rosewood's Alifarah Mare Pintabian Grey Dressage & Halter
    KPE Parbhani Princess Mare Dutch Warmblood Grey Show Jumping
    Rosewood's Virago Mare Pintabian Perlino Dun Overo Eventing & Endurance

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    Rosewood Center - Draft Horse Division

    Our draft horse program, mainly focused around the gorgeous Gypsy Vanner breed, is our second largest division. While we do own a few other draft breeds, Gypsy Vanners are much more prominent in this program. We breed for color and conformation, and compete in a variety of disciplines including Dressage, TREC, Halter, and Draft Horse Showing.

    Draft Horse Roster

    Name Gender Breed Color Discipline(s)
    MHS Crooked Miser Stallion Gypsy Vanner Black Tobiano Dressage
    SAEC Heir of Independence Mare Clydesdale Bay Sabino Draft Horse Showing & TREC
    LIB Lioness' Gold Mare Gypsy Vanner Palomino Splash Dressage
    SiLS Eye of the Hurricane 2nd Drum Horse Bay Sabino Dressage
    SiLS Calm Cascade Stallion Gypsy Vanner Palomino Sabino Dressage
    Cinnabar's Forrest Fire Stallion Gypsy Vanner Bay Tobiano Dressage & Halter
    Tiptop Nipnop Mare Gypsy Vanner Bay Tobiano Dressage & Halter
    Rosewood's Cressidia Mare Gypsy Vanner Blue Roan Sabino Draft Horse Showing & Halter
    Rosewood's Dark Matter Stallion Shire Black Sabino Draft Horse Showing & Halter
    Rosewood's Millenium Mare Gypsy Vanner Silver Bay Roan Tobiano TREC
    Rosewood's Natanus Stallion Gypsy Vanner Silver Grulla TREC
    CS Mooncast Mare Gypsy Vanner Palomino DW Dressage
    Blackstone's Budweiser Stallion Clydesdale Bay Sabino Draft Horse Showing
    Rosewood's Stormfront Mare Gypsy Vanner Buckskin Dressage
    Rosewood's Chaos Theory Stallion Gypsy Vanner Smoky Black Tobiano Dressage & Halter
    Rosewood's Fairytale Mare Gypsy Vanner Cremello Halter
    Rosewood's Atlas Mare Gypsy Vanner Black Tobiano Halter
    Rosewood's Kingmaker Stallion Gypsy Vanner Black Halter

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    Rosewood Center - TREC/Endurance Division

    Affectionately known as the "Adventure Squad," this team of colorful horses have been selected because they don't have an off switch. While we have a growing selection of gorgeous Pintabians dominating this division, we do not focus on a single breed here. Many of the horses that compete in TREC or Endurance with us are horses who we pick up who do not necessarily do well enough in our other disciplines to be considered for those teams. These horses are weirdos, but we love them just the same.

    TREC/Endurance Roster

    Name Gender Breed Color Discipline(s)
    ART Ouija Mare Pintabian Black Tobiano Endurance & TREC
    ART Kestrel Stallion Pintabian Smoky Grulla Tobiano Endurance
    ART Corryvreckan Stallion Pintabian Sooty Wild Dunskin Tovero Endurance & TREC
    Rosewood's Libertalia Mare Arabian (Polish) Grey Endurance & Eventing
    ART Llorona Mare Pintabian Black Overo Endurance & Eventing
    ART Amara Mare Pintabian Grey Splash Endurance & Eventing
    RW* Captian's Log Stallion Mangalarga Marchador Sooty Buckskin TREC & Endurance
    SOL Parhelion Mare Campolina Seal Bay Tobiano TREC & Endurance
    Invictus GV Stallion Frieberger Dark Bay TREC & Show Jumping
    SOL Beauregard Stallion Campolina Grey TREC & Endurance
    ART Janus Stallion Pintabian Smoky Grulla Tobiano Endurance & TREC
    Exodus GV Mare Frieberger Chestnut TREC & Eventing
    Holmgard's Elandolyn Stallion Arabian (SEA) Black Endurance & Halter
    WPW Ilyana Mare Arabian (Crabbet) Black Endurance & Eventing
    Rosewood's Ad Astra Mare Pintabian Smoky Black Tobiano Endurance & TREC
    Rosewood's Telara Mare Pintabian Perlino Endurance & Eventing
    Rosewood's Amanai Stallion Arabian (Crabbet) Seal Bay Sabino Endurance & Show Hunters
    Rosewood's Paradigm Stallion Pintabian Flaxen Liver Chestnut Splash/Tobiano Endurance & TREC
    WPW Montserrat Stallion Arabian (Crabbet) Flaxen Liver Chestnut Endurance & Dressage

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    Rosewood Center - Hunter Division

    A rather new addition to Rosewood, our Hunter division is composed of mostly stock horses competing in the three hunter disciplines. Eventually we will add to this by breeding grade horses to be competed in hunters, as the lovely color of these horses is something we would like to pass on to other hunters around Equus.

    Hunter Roster

    Name Gender Breed Color Discipline(s)
    MHS Classically Conditioned SHAA Mare Appendix Quarter Horse Grey Hunter Paces & Field Hunter Trials
    SAEC Paint by Numbers Mare American Paint Horse Grulla Overo Show Hunters & Field Hunter Trials
    SAEC Polaris Australis Stallion Appaloosa Bay Varnish Roan Show Hunters & Hunter Paces
    Rosewood's Astrarium Mare American Paint Horse Grulla Overo Field Hunter Trials & Hunter Paces
    Rosewood's Wicked Grace Mare American Paint Horse Palomino Tobiano Field Hunter Trials & Hunter Paces
    Trendsetter FN Stallion American Quarter Horse Seal Brown Splash Show Hunters & Hunter Paces
    RWH Singing Wolf Mare Appaloosa Grey Leopard Blanket Show Hunters & Field Hunter Trials
    Moondara Melaleuca Stallion Australian Stock Horse Grey Show Hunters & Field Hunter Trials
    Moondara Casaurina Mare Australian Stock Horse Sooty Bay Show Hunters & Field Hunter Trials
    Rosewood's Classic Command Stallion Appending Quarter Horse Grey Show Hunters & Hunter Paces
    OCS Fool's Desire Stallion American Paint Horse Amber Dun Tobiano Show Hunters & Western Trail

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    Rosewood Center - Baroque Division

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    Rosewood Center - Pony Division

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    January 10, 2018

    Rosewood's Bellona & Anna Corazon

    Introductory Level, Snowbird Dressage Series
    After a handful of shows for the young mare, Bella seemed to finally be getting the hang of this Dressage thing. She still took misteps, still acted like a young filly and paid the price for it. Despite the much calmer atmosphere surrounding the Introductory Level, where most of the spectators were there to represent their stable or just wait for a higher level to begin, the four-year-old displayed one of the most agitating traits of her father's. Everything was too loud, too distracting, and she had the worst time focusing. Anna, being relatively inexperienced herself, could be caught stealing glances toward her trainer every so often, who despite knowing their chance at a high placing was gone after seeing the performances from other horses in the class, just smiled encouragingly as he worked on formulating a new training plan for home.
    The pair were the last horses from Rosewood competing at the level. Certainly not the worst performance so far, not after one of the other youngsters threw his rider shortly after the start of his round, but definitely not the best either. Anna sighed, sat up a bit straighter, and the pair began a free walk down a long side of the arena. Bella's ears pricked forward, head tossing ever so slightly in protest as Anna tried keeping the mare walking in a relatively straight line. A score of 48 awaited them when the round ended, giving them sixth place in their class and marking Bella's first placing.
    Back at the showground's barn during the Training level, Anna snuck a treat between the stall bars, laughing when the mare knocked it out of her hand in her excitement.
    "Don't worry, at least you don't have much to live up to," she cooed, putting her helmet back on as she prepared to go find the next horse she would be riding. "Your parents both have four left hooves."
    A screeching whinny from the ever-so-friendly Bella as another horse and rider combo passed by was her only answer.

  • Love the story and image! You've inspired me to maybe actually get in an entry for the show, we'll see though :upside_down:

  • Great story & pic!

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    January 11, 2018

    Rosewood's Stormfront

    Training Level, Snowbird Dressage Series, after the performance
    "That's kind of pathetic," Tegan laughed as she passed by the stall, peeking in at the gold-coated mare.
    Annaleigh stood at the stall door, arms crossed as she leaned into the frame and looked at the napping Stormy. Their round had finished no less than thirty minutes ago. It hadn't been a particularly impressive ride, but for the inexperienced mare it was obviously tiring. The barn was fairly empty as it was still early in the level, and besides the occasional nervous stomp or whinny of some bored neighboring horses, it was quiet. Much quieter than an average day back home.
    "She's sleepy," Anne answered defensively. "Caden had us working early this morning because he wanted us to have a last minute lesson."
    "Is he always like that?"
    "Don't get me started. He's just going easy on you because you're new. Give it a month or two and he'll be pulling you out to the barn before the sun's up and throwing you on one of Amira's horses."
    The girls laughed, and Anne stepped into the stall to start unbraiding Stormy's mane, talking softly to her as she went. The mare's ears twitched and swiveled as she listened and stood obediently until her heavy mane was free to go absolutely everywhere.
    "Let me grab her some food and then I want to go find Andrea. I saw a really cute colt for sale and want to see what she says," Anne said, giving the mare a pat on the neck before leaving the stall. Tegan shut the door behind her, shaking her head.
    "She says no more Dressage horses. We'll have a new set of foals before the year is over for you to obsess over."
    "We'll see. If all else fails I'll see about training him for something else. It was a pretty Gypsy colt, I know Andrea has a weakness."

  • Awww those legs are so fluffy :yellow_heart:

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    January 19, 2018

    DPPR Royal Conqueror

    Rosewood has had over a dozen new arrivals over the holidays. Today I'd like to introduce DPPR Royal Conqueror, a smoky cream overo Thoroughbred stallion by GE Royally Masochistic out of Rosewood's Conquest. This colorful boy is a breeding adding to our large herd from @Luke-Teth. He is pasture buddies with our boy DPPR A Regal Soldier, who is his uncle, and has also met another of his uncles, Rosewood's Royal Commander, who he does not get along with as well. Conqueror has immediately made a connection with our Show Jumping trainer, Lauren, who has been assigned as his rider. I caught the two going out for a ride this evening. Lauren isn't much of a fan of pictures so it was a miracle I managed to get this shot, but she wanted to show off what a good boy Conqueror is, despite looking like he's ready to kill he stands nice and still on command. We wish the pair all the best as they begin showing hopefully by next month.

    alt text

  • I knew it was a Luke horse long before the name came up lol. Those colors don't lie.

  • Cant wait to see more of him!

  • What a cutie!

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    January 24, 2018


    Foaling season has begun at Rosewood! These two babies come at a perfect time, as we are currently in the process of planning a promotion auction for the lovely Gypsy Vanner. First we have Rosewood's Crooked Gold, by MHS Crooked Miser out of LIB Lioness' Gold, a lovely chestnut tobiano splash filly. We are going to have a hard time parting with her as the staff have absolutely fallen in love with this cutie. Next up is Rosewood's Tipping the Miser, again by MHS Crooked Miser and out of Tiptop Nipnop, a bay tobiano colt. He's a spunky little thing and a huge mama's boy, never straying far from his dam while Gold is much more willing to explore and stress out her mom. These two will be available for sale through auction soon!

    alt text

    alt text

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