Merry Christmas Isabella Khrazenzia!

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    Merry belated Christmas Isabella and Happy New Year! Sadly your secret santa ran into some trouble this year and I want to apologize very much that your gift is late because of that.

    Your first wish were some custom markings for your new pons, so I made some three channel face markings for them, I hope you like them!

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    Your second wish was an import, so I want to give you a voucher for an import as well as an full body marking of your choice! This way you can send references of what you'd like to me. I specialize in Freibergers and German Riding Ponies, but I can do other imports as well.

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    Contact me here or on Slack whenever you are ready to claim your gifts and send me your references!

  • Omg it was totally worth it for it to be late, I love it! Thank you so much :heart: I will message you on here very soon!

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