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    Equus Clubs

    Types of Clubs

    Clubs are a varied & versatile bunch, and if you want to organise a crew to promote a discipline, help popularize a breed, or gather like-minded folks then perhaps you should start a club! Anything within Equus overall content rules is fair game.

    Starting a Club

    Simple! Just post a guide book for your club in the Clubrooms section of the forum.
    Some things that you might include are:

    • Purpose of club
    • Information (about the breed? Discipline? hobby?)
    • Plans & events
    • Club owner / management team

    You’re also welcome to make a slack channel, which you can link to in your guide book and promote using the slack advertisements channel!

    Rules for all clubs:

    • No 2.5 points
    • No independent registration
      Clubs may not require any kind of horse submission or approval process apart from 2.5 registration.
    • No main site account
      Clubs will not be given their own Main Site account.
    • No funding from Equus
      Gotta use your own money, nuff said.
    • No Random-Type shows
      We encourage photo or story based shows instead!
    • Name must not include ‘Equus’, ‘Official’, or ‘Committee’
      Sorry! Just to avoid confusion about what is Equus and what are Clubs


    • Q. Can my ___ club be the official Equus club for ___?
      No, Equus is not interested in official clubs.
    • Q. Can I make a club for ___ if there is already a club for that?
      Yes! Clubs may overlap in their topics.
    • Q. What can my club offer as awards from story or photo shows?
      Yes! Awards can include money, CC, 'club points' or ribbons
    • Q. Club points???
      Club points are points awarded for success in club shows. These are not related at all to 2.5 points, and can't be assigned to horses. They can, however, be assigned just about any other way you want. Perhaps you want to track member success, and award them to members! Perhaps you want to pit breeds against each other in an epic halter showdown, and give the points to the breeds to measure their success? The world is your mollusk of choice!
    • Q. What exactly is against the rules regarding horse registration?
      We are defining registration as 'any submission or approval process' of horses. This means that any forms or lists that a horse needs to be on before it can compete are not allowed. eg: A miniature horse halter club can't require that horses sign up to the club before a show, and any brand new miniature horse who does halter must be able to wander in off the street and enter.

    These rules will be subject to revision as clubs develop.

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