Jan 2018 Year Opening Announcement

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    January 2018 Announcement

    Happy New Year, Equus!
    I hope your holidays were what you hoped they would be - and welcome back to Equus as we kick off the year with a few changes.


    You may have noticed a new forum category - the Clubrooms, found inside General Discussion - because Equus is re-opening to clubs! Clubs may be a collection of breed enthusiasts, discipline fans, hobby groups, or something else! Check out the Club Guidelines for more information.


    2018 Equus comes with shiny new leaderboards. While most of the changes on them are boring system stuff, they do have a few new features & should load faster for everyone!

    • Titles & Ribbons - Following the trend last year of getting custom level names, each discipline is now set up and ready for custom title names and ribbon graphics! Get into the spirit of your discipline by using the community-suggested & voted title names and stick those ribbons up in your ads and websites. Each leaderboard displays it’s titles and graphics in its Titles sheet for your reference (after they’ve been selected.) Check out the title and ribbon design challenges to have a say in what these end up being!
    • Unfortunately, I have a piece of bad news. Since we moved to new leaderboards all show results have been compressed into one per horse. This means that while the horses points and level have been preserved, their progress toward their next level has been lost. My sincerest apologies.

    Discipline Changes

    Our Competition Committee are working on getting some new disciplines into Equus - a poll will be put up in the next few days to let the community pick the disciplines they want on here, and we’ll do our best to add as many as we can.
    To balance this, we are changing the way we host & handle disciplines with critically low populations of show entrants. If a discipline is found to have very low numbers of show entrants, it will be flagged as a low-population discipline, which means:

    • It will be removed from the CC show schedule
    • Two Member Hosted shows per month will be allowed for this discipline each month
    • One Member Hosted show on this discipline per month will offer all 10 levels.

    In this way we hope to make space for new disciplines while still offering any enthusiasts of smaller disciplines to have as many shows and point opportunities.

    Two new disciplines have already been added - we now have Pony Dressage and Pony Eventing. This has sparked a few interesting changes in itself!
    Pony & Horse versions of the same discipline now share pedigree bonus. Gone are the days where your champion pony outcross offered no benefit to its horse offspring!

    Thank you all for helping make 2017 a stellar year for Equus, and we hope you enjoy 2018!

  • Awesome new updates! :D

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