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    The Gypsy Vanner Society aims to bring recognition to the breed through fun club-hosted events and challenges. We hope to increase the popularity and quality of the breed across Equus.

    About the Breed

    The Gypsy Vanner Society recognizes all types/strains of the breed. If the horse is registered with Equus, it is automatically accepted within the club.
    According to the real-life counterpart, The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society, Gypsy Vanners are a breed with heavy bone and a draft type body, usually standing at 14-15hh. The breed should have a long, flowing mane and tail and abundant feathering on the legs. They should have a friendly and engaging temperament. On Equus, the breed is accepted in many colors and patterns: bay, brown, black, chestnut, grey, single and double cream, sooty, flaxen, silver, dun, pearl, cream pearl, tobiano, sabino/white spotting, roan, rabicano, and minimal to medium splash. The Spotted Gypsy Vanner strain allows appaloosa patterns.

    Plans and Events

    The Events held by the Gypsy Vanner Society are not affiliated with Equus in any way, besides requiring horses to be registered through the main site.
    Events through the GVS will be picture-based shows with classes similar to those of the Heartland Fall Classic, including W/T/C classes, Halter, and Costume. Event dates and further details will be discussed as the GVS gains members.

    Membership and Management Team

    Current Member List
    • Andrea Burdine [Rosewood Center] - Club Owner
    • Yu-Mi Shimizu [Silver Lining Stables]
    • Samantha Jadirea [Another Chance Equestrian & Sirena Bay]
    • Lindsey Warren [Black Hawk Ranch]
    • Treyvor Storm [Galileo Stud]
    • Allison Person [Silver Winds Stable]

    Member Registration

    Questions and Comments may be posted as replies to this thread or DMed to Andrea Burdine. More information will be added as the club develops. Please also consider joining the #gv-society channel on Equus Slack!

  • January 17 Update

    Slack Channel

    For anyone unaware, the Gypsy Vanner Society has a channel on slack. This is a good place to be to offer input and suggestions as the GVS grows and develops. I plan to offer random imports and breedings here on occasion and encourage other members to do so as well!

    GVS Promotional Auction & Raffle

    Those of you who are in the Slack channel know that I'm planning a promotional auction and raffle. I will be auctioning off four Gypsy Vanner foals and a pair of foundations (who will be auctioned together as a pair), and raffling off another four foundations. These will be done two at a time to make it easier for me to keep track of. I hope to have the first auction up by the weekend.


    A studbook for the group should arrive within the next few months. I am still in the process of working out the details, but here are a few things you can expect:
    • All Equus registered Gypsy Vanner stallions are eligible to be put on the studbook. The studbook will also allow Shires, Clydesdales, and Drum Horses who are at least 25% (1/4th) Gypsy Vanner.
    • Equus Registered mares will be able to be listed on the stubook under the same standards. However, to add a touch of realism I encourage you only to list mares who you are not actively breeding yourself and to take them off the studbook for the rest of the Equus year if they are bred. This is not a rule and will not be monitored.
    • Part-bred Gypsy Vanners may be listed with the requirement that they must be no less than 50% Gypsy Vanner and are registered on Equus as a breed that allows Gypsy Vanners as an outcross (Show Cob, Georgian Grande) or a Draft-type Grade.
    • Changes to the studbook may be made at any time. This includes adding and removing horses, changing fees, etc.

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