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    A lush forest alive with nature, a river lazily nearing the ocean and the famous white cliffs that form the boundary. The perfect setting for an up-and-coming equine center ready to take the world by storm. Headquartered in Ireland, with stables being built across the globe from Australia to North America, this is not your childhood home's pony barn.
    Welcome to Ashbourne.

    The History
    Ashbourne, as most other stables, did not begin big. In fact, it was never meant to become a large stable by any means. Originally, it was a tiny four-horse stable by the name of Willowgate located close to Dublin, Ireland on a small plot of land that was bought back in 2013. This tiny stable was old but fit well enough for the four young warmbloods housed within and the small group of friends who rode them. The trail access was decent and it proved to be only a quick trip to the local shows, and those were the only things desired at the time. In all, it was small, but it was sufficient, and that was all that mattered for the team, leaving no one dreaming about expansion.

    Fate however, had different plans. Just after New Years 2017, owner Aylin Ashryver accepted an offer that would change the direction of the barn forever. In the early hours of the morning, a close family friend and her husband called, weeping as she described a deadly fire that had just swept over their barns. With no place for the remaining horses to go and no plans to rebuild for a long time, the couple pleaded to move a majority of the survivors to Aylin's small stable. Unable to say no and with more than enough to cover the cost of expansion thanks to a healthy inheritance from parents who knew their way around investment, the change from tiny Willowgate to international Ashbourne was underway.

    The property that the original four-stall barn was located at was far too small for what was going to be needed. So, with the horses safely boarded at nearby farms, the search was on for a property that would be a perfect fit. After looking through many properties that were too small, unsafe, or even falling down, it was becoming clear that a new stable would have to be built from the ground up, and that was when a once-in-a-lifetime property was brought to Aylin's attention. Located in the northern region of the Republic of Ireland right on the coast, and surrounded by forest with a nearby lake and river meandering through it all, there was no better spot for construction to begin. After what seemed like an eternity of building and coordinating to make sure all of the property had modern systems in place, the barns were officially finished. To commemorate, the name of the facility was changed to Ashbourne in memory of the fire that made it all happen and the growth that would follow. The rest? Well, that's history.

  • Horse and Rider Team Spotlight

    This month's spotlight pair is:
    Rider Name riding Horse Name in Discipline

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    W/N = Where Needed
    Name Age Position Competes In Currently Rides
    Aylin Ashryver 22 y/o Owner Eventing Broudein's Lanthpferde; WD First Kiss
    Anastasia Booker 28 y/o Rider Dressage WD Perfect To Me; WD Prometheus
    Charles Stokes 27 y/o Rider Dressage Unassigned
    Lydia Thompson 24 y/o Rider Eventing; Show Jumping Sacred Flyer REC; WD Remember me
    Eva Marshal 29 y/o Rider Hunter Jumpers; W/N Unassigned
    Lucas Hall 23 y/o Jockey Racing Ash's Avidus; EWEC Charmant
    Matthew Price 32 y/o Jockey Racing Ash's Ferox; Breezdit
    Issac Barlow 25 y/o Jockey Racing Ash's Ignis Avem; Miss Independence QMR
    Jamie Kennedy 27 y/o Jockey Racing Ash's Petit Chou; QMR Summer Investor
    Arabella Hawkins 24 y/o Jockey Racing Ash's Rose d'Argent

  • Eventing Image Placeholder
    Name Breed Gender Color
    Broudein's Lanthpferde "Fergie" Dutch Warmblood Stallion Bay
    WD First Kiss "Cass" Dutch Warmblood Stallion Black
    Sacred Flyer REC "Rocky" Hanoverian Stallion Bay

  • Dressage Image Placeholder
    Name Breed Gender Color
    WD Perfect To Me "Prim" Dutch Warmblood Mare Bay
    WD Prometheus "Xeno" Dutch Warmblood Stallion Chestnut

  • Show Jumping Image Placeholder
    Name Breed Gender Color
    WD Remember me "Rosalyn" Dutch Warmblood Mare Fleabitten Grey

  • Hunter Jumpers Image Placeholder
    Name Breed Gender Color
    MHS Little Lion Man "Hunter" Thoroughbred Stallion Grey

  • Flat Racing Image Placeholder
    Name Breed Gender Color
    Ash's Avidus "Av" Thoroughbred Stallion Bay
    Ash's Ferox "Ferox" Thoroughbred Stallion Sabino Splash Liver Chestnut
    Ash's Ignis Avem "Igni" Thoroughbred Stallion Chestnut
    QMR Summer Investor "Investor" Thoroughbred Stallion Bay
    Ash's Petit Chou "Pip" Thoroughbred Mare Buckskin
    Ash's Rose d'Argent "Rose" Thoroughbred Mare Rose Grey
    Breezdit "Breeze" Thoroughbred Mare Black
    EWEC Charmant "Charmant" Thoroughbred Mare Sooty Bay
    Miss Independence QMR "Missy" Thoroughbred Mare Black Frame Overo

  • Other Disciplines Image Placeholder
    Name Breed Gender Color Discipline
    TSS Avalanche "Tumble" Australian Warmblood Mare Chestnut Polo
    TSS Insignia "Gigi" Australian Warmblood Mare Bay Polo
    TSS Tarotte "Totti" British Warmblood Mare Bay Polo
    TSS Liberius "Berry" Dutch Warmblood Mare Grey Polo

  • In Training Image Placeholder
    Name Breed Gender Color Future Discipline
    DPPR Minority Masochism "Minno" Thoroughbred Stallion Smokey Cream Flat Racing

    Foals Image Placeholder
    Name Breed Gender Color Future Discipline
    Generation Unafraid "Raider" Dutch Warmblood Colt Bay Dressage
    Wanderess "Wanderess" Thoroughbred Filly Seal Bay Flat Racing
    Young Gods "Dionysus" or "Dion" Thoroughbred Colt Palomino Flat Racing
    Heaven In Hiding "Hev" Thoroughbred Colt Bay Flat Racing
    Devil In Me "Dev" Thoroughbred Colt Bay Flat Racing

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  • The Beginnings of an Expansion

    alt text

    ring ring
    "Why would anyone try calling at", Aylin looked over at the clock before continuing her sleepily mumbled complaints, "freaking four in the morning".

    Grabbing her phone and seeing the caller ID however, immediately woke her up. It was Alexa calling from the states, and with messages underneath all along the lines of "Please pick up, there's been an accident." and "They're gone.", it was clear that sleep was no longer an option.

    Hurriedly she answered the call and was greeted with the sound of crying.

    "Hey, hey I'm awake, what happened?"
    "The lit the barns on fire...they're many are gone." Alexa managed to fumble out between tears.

    Silence took over the conversation as the news and a growing feeling of numbness settled in. With only the sound of tears now coming through the call, both women were struggling to find any words. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Alexa began talking between sobs.

    "No one is in serious condition, but the spread so quickly....many of the horses in the southern barn are dead, and the survivors...they're spooked and I just...I can't. I can't rebuild from this. Aylin, you're the only one I trust to take care of them. I need you take in some of the survivors, please, I beg you."

    Letting the request sink in...Willowgate only had 4 stalls, there was no way that she could fit in any more horses not without...

    "I'll do it. But the horses will have to be boarded till we find a new property" she replied.

    It would take quite a bit of her inheritance from her parents and a lot of time and effort, but she knew most of the horses she would be taking in personally, and each had already captured her heart. There was no way to say no.

    Within days, plans were finalized and an airplane filled with horses was on its way to Ireland as the search for a new property began.


    And that wraps up the very first entry! From here on I'll be continuing to cover a bit more of the history behind Ashbourne and then we shall pick up back at modern times. Hopefully it wasn't too much of a bore to read, it has been...well forever since I have done any sort of story type formatting for writing. Finally, thank you very much to lovely @Chelsea-Noble who helped me out with a little case of writers block, always appreciate it. <3

    Feel free to now comment!

  • I like your story & your Album looks pretty good!

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  • Your writing is beautiful, reading that introduction in the first post was like reading a movie trailer.

  • I must second Maxine, i was blown away! can't wait for more!

  • That introduction sounds super interesting. I can‘t wait to read more.

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