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    Manual Horse Registration

    This thread is for the manual horse registration which is still open however we suggest using Automatic Registration instead!

    Horse Registration Overview

    To register a horse, please create your horse on the main site first, ensuring it is listed as the correct breed. Double check that the color and lineage of your horse is accepted by checking the Master Breed List. A lot of changes have been made to this so please make sure you take a look before registering any new horses. Remember, not all content can easily be changed so please be sure all information is correct before completing your horse's profile.

    If your horse is not listed correctly, you can Apply for a Breed Change. Be aware that changes may take a while to process but we will do our best to get through them as quickly as we can.

    Realistic versus Unrealistic Registration

    Horses submitted for Realistic registration must be of a color/pattern indicated as accepted for that breed on the Master Breed List or, if a Grade or breed of mixed lineage, should be a color/pattern that could conceivably have been inherited from the parent breeds.

    Horses submitted for Unrealistic registration may be any color/pattern whether or not it exists in the breed but the color/pattern must still be plausible for a horse (or the specific species in question e.g. donkey, zebra). For instance, a pink Appaloosa will not be accepted. Neither will a horse that is unrealistically patterned - e.g. with an implausible white marking.

    Regardless of registration type, your horse must LOOK like the breed it is being registered as and cannot be of mixed lineage if purebred (e.g. a Fjord x Arab cannot be registered as an Arab).

    We will no longer look at parental genotypes so that two unrealistic horses can still produce offspring that can be registered as realistic.

    Requirements for Registration:

    • One side conformation shot (posed or unposed) in good lighting. Mane/tail color must be visible. You may be asked for a shot of the other side if your horse has asymmetrical markings so feel free to also provide a photo of the other side if your horse is a pinto, appaloosa or has other unusual markings.
    • CAS/CAP shots permitted but please try to take these fully side-on, not from an elevated angle.
    • No tack in the photo is preferred. If you submit a photo with a halter or bridle, we may request another shot if any markings are obscured.
    • Only adult conformation will be considered. If you want to register a foal, age it up in CAS to take registration photos.
    • Color and genotype (less important for unrealistic registration)
    • Breed (including the percentage breed make-up of any crossbreeds, grades etc). See below for a list of breeds that require a percent breed make-up:
      • Grade(Asinus): Zebras, zorses, zonkeys, etc should be registered as this. If 100% Zebra, please state as such.
      • Grade (Baroque)
      • Grade (Draft)
      • Grade (Pony)
      • Grade (Progenitor)
      • Grade (Saddle)
      • Grade (Stock)
      • Grade (Warmblood)
      • International Sport Pony
      • International Sporthorse
      • Mule
      • National Show Horse
      • Australian Sport Horse
      • Nez Perce
      • Spotted Saddle Horse
      • Walkaloosa
      • Donkey - please specify mini/standard/mammoth
      • Friesian Sporthorse
      • Georgian Grande
      • Hispano-Árabe
      • Tori (Sport)
    • Link to main site profile
    • For the pedigree bonus question, please ONLY PUT THE MAIN SITE ID. Do not put a name or any other information. Doing so will cause the board not to read it properly. Please add your horses parents/grandparents if they have them, whether they are titled or not. The IDs listed in your horses pedigree must be its official parents and grandparents.

    Registration Form

    Registrars will provide comments to help you make any changes that are necessary for your horse to be approved on this sheet.
    Pending horses and registrars' comments can be viewed here:

    Submitted Horses

    You can always search for a specific horse to check its status using this form:

    Horse Look-Up

    If your horse was declined or has pending acceptance:

    • Please be patient as we figure out what works best for us and members when a horse is declined. All horses that have been declined should have a note in the first column explaining why.
    • If it looks like your horse has been skipped and does not have a N or a Y in the column, check if it has a note. Some registrations require further investigation from us before the decision is made. We will try to get in the habit of all registrars leaving this note.
    • BUT our registrars are assigned to various breeds and breed groups. Sometimes this is not an entire breed group (ie every saddle horse) so it simply may be the case that the specific registrar has not been able to review the horse yet.
    • If a horse has been left pending for over 3 weeks and/or looks like it may have been skipped or if you do not fully understand the comments that have been left for you and do not know who the specific registrar who left them is, please go ahead and DM Morgan Cameron on Slack for assistance.
    • If there was an error or request by a registrar for something to be changed before the horse can be accepted, please use the form below:
      [View Response list )
      row will be highlighted in green when completed

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