Nikki's CC Pile |October 21st - Coat Texture Markings v2

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    What I Make:
    My brand of CC can best be described as assorted garbage.
    I release a senseless medley of markings, templates, coats, and retextures at random times and intervals. Most of it is mediocre, I'm gonna post it anyway.

    Terms Of Use:
    Please feel free to use my CC as building blocks for new CC or edit this for your own personal use. As long as you give me due credit, I'm more than happy to see my creations being used around the community. However, please do not place any CC that was made using my content behind a paywall, Adfly, or do that "released after x many likes!" thing with it. Also, it goes without saying, but don't use my stuff and sell it to other players as your own stuff.
    That's gross.

    I am not taking CC requests at this time and have no plans to take them in the future.


    Name About Download Pictures
    Legs For Days For all your leggy needs. 20 markings total - socks, stockings, pasterns, sabino legs and cornet bands featuring ermine spots and matching hoof stripes. Download Post
    Base Coats Palomino, Chestnut, Liver Chestnut, Bay, and Black. Drop 'em in your packages folder and enjoy. Download Post
    Movable Dapple Marking Great for greys, sootys, or any pon that could do with some dapples. Download Post
    Movable Dominant White/Sabino Markings Useful for creating unique coats without spending any time in Photoshop. Download Post
    Ermine Spots and the matching hoof stripes. Download Post
    Hoof Hair Markings Hairy feet speak for themselves. Download Post
    Arabian/Pintabian Template Go make yourself some pinto beans. Download Post
    Fell Pony Pack You think Fell Ponies are neat? Here, have some. Download Post
    Arabian Shines Shiny beans are the best beans. Download Post
    Movable Dominant White/Sabino Markings v2.0 High-res markings with high-res detail for low-effort cool coats. Download Post
    Cream Coat Pack 9 creamy coats for your enjoyment. This was originally named 'Crème de la Crème coat pack' but that seemed too egotistical. Irrelevant. Download Post
    Irish Draught Template Made by request. Good for most heavy warmbloods or light drafts. Download Post
    Grey Shader Dapple marking of dubious quality. Enjoy (?) Download Post
    Draft Shine Questionable quality at best but here for your consideration anyway. Also not exclusively for drafts, it just needed a name. Download Post
    Neck Shine Neck shine: a shine for necks. Download Post
    Turnout Sheets My first public retexture! :champagne: Carmen Raymond's lovely stable sheet mesh retextured to look like turnout sheets. Download Post
    Warmblood Templates Heavy, medium and lightish templates for you to use as you wish. Download Post
    Warmblood Shine I don't have a witty thing for this box. It's a shine. For warmbloods. Or whatever. Download Post
    Brindle Markings + Brush Set The brushes and markings you need to make yourself some wonderful weirdos. Download Post
    Coat Texture Markings Full-body coat texture details for greys, roans, and whatever else strikes your fancy. Download Post
    Coat Texture Markings v2 12 markings for maximum coat detail and glory. Download Post

    More to come ~

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    Legs For Days

    20 leg markings so your horses can have the pretty legs they deserve. Download in first post.


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    Base Coats

    Use them as they are, edit them a bit, or toss white markings over them. All I ask is that you enjoy them and don't claim them as your own.


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    Movable Dapple Marking

    Found among your other movable markings. Great for "softer" dappled looks.


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    Movable Dominant White/Sabino Markings

    These are a collection of 12 movable markings made from the brushes I use to make my own custom DW and sabino markings. (Thanks to @Samantha-Lockhart for pointing me towards these brushes in the first place!) They are very high resolution (2k) and are a wide selection of roany spots, ticking, and solid splotches that can be used to make all sorts of coats. They'll also be good for making chimeras, somatic mutation, bloody shoulders, etc.... the possibilities are endless, have fun with them! Big thanks to my testers, Cole Tieman and Maci Collins.


    From Me From Cole Tieman From Maci Collins
    alt text alt text alt text
    This is a DW/sabino coat I made using these markings in white and public leg markings on a black base This is a very clever coat from Cole, made using only these markings in cream on a white base. Finally, a stunning sabino ASB made by Maci using my sabino leg markings and these movable ones, as well as a public face marking.
    Thanks again to my testers for demonstrating how these can be used for coats!

  • Thanks a lot for those marking I must try them !!
    Do you also have a link to those brushes for gimp/photoshop ?

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    @Levi-Rosenthal You can find them pinned in the CC-Makers channel on EQ's Slack :)

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    You guys really seemed to enjoy the markings I released for advent, especially the coronet bands with ermine spots and matching hoof stripes. I had a lot of people ask if I planned to make more variations of them on different leg markings. I was initially going to release a set of leg markings, but then I decided to do you one better.
    These markings are the ermine spots themselves with stripes that line up with them. Use them in a color that matches your horse's coat color and put them on any leg markings you want to give them a new, unique look with a simple trick. There are 4 sets here with 16 markings total so you can use them in endless combinations. Download is in the first post.
    Enjoy :heart:

    1 2
    alt text alt text

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    Amazing as always :)

  • :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

  • OMG These are FABULOUS!!

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    alt text
    Because horse hooves have hair falling over them!
    alt text

    These are markings, not accessories or hair meshes. They are very high resolution markings (4k!). There are 10 total markings here; a long and short version for all hooves (assigned to belly region) and an individual marking of each type found under the corresponding leg categories.

    How to use: assign them to your horses legs as needed- horses with different colored legs will need to use the individual ones, horses with all 4 legs the same color can use the marking found under belly that adds the hair to all 4 legs. Each marking has 3 channels- the first is the main hair color, the second is the highlights on the hair, and the last is the shadow beneath the hair for some added depth.

    Click on the images below to see them in full size!
    Short Hair Long Hair
    alt text alt text
    alt text alt text
    For spring/summer coats or your pons with well-groomed feets For winter coats or your creatures with particularly hairy feet
    alt text alt text
    Example of colors for white hair Example of colors for chestnut hair

    Questions & Answers:

    Q: "BUT NIKKI YOUR ERMINE SPOTS!!!" (courtesy of @Luke-Teth :heart:)
    A: Yep, these won't work super nicely with my (or any) ermine sports. I'm aware, and I may release a set of hoof hair recolors to match my ermine spots. But that's a ton of work I'm not ready to take on just now, so don't hold your breath for them.

    Q: I'd like these recolored to match my horse's custom markings, can I edit them myself?
    A: Absolutely! I'd love to see how people use and edit these markings for their needs.

    Q: I'd like these recolored to match my horse's custom markings, will you edit them for me?
    A: Nope.

    Download in the first post, as always :tophat:

  • Finally! Thanks so much for making these :heart:

  • OMG thank you so much!

  • Wow this is amazing just what I needed! Thank you so much :heart:

  • Breed Committee

    When I was cutting the hoof hair on my horse yesterday I thought we needed them - then you released these! You are amazing, thank you for all the lovely stuff :heart:

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    Your genius would be alarming, if it wasn’t so damn consistent.

  • oohh amazing work

  • Thank you so much for these! :)

  • bless. <3

  • Really nice work
    You think you could create this for all legs ?

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