Nikki's CC Pile |October 21st - Coat Texture Markings v2

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    alt text
    Back at it again, boys
    I really, really loved how the last set of these came out, and decided I could create more with more variety and visual interest. Sooo I made some. Maybe too many.
    There are 12 markings here. Similar to the last set, they cover the horse's entire map apart from the hooves and inside of the ears. These only have one channel, sorry- but there's enough variety here to serve any purpose you could have. They're obviously best used on greys and roans, but who's to say you can't get creative with them on all kinds of coats?
    Have fun :butterfly:

    alt text link text alt text
    alt text link text alt text
    alt text link text alt text
    alt text link text alt text
    Example of some of these working magic on a grey
    alt text
    Another grey coat made using only these markings and other shaders
    alt text

    Download in the first post

  • Very good. Time to make some delicious greys 👀👀

  • good thing i have two greys sitting in my to-be-made pile that i've been avoiding for...oh, a year. Amazing work as always! <3

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  • cronch cronch

    (thank you <3 it's late and i cant express my appreciation properly so that's all for tonight thanks for coming to my ted talk)

  • I guess I must try them out now :P

  • Wow they look awesome! Now I can start creating the leftover Greys on my list :D thank you so much Nikki <3

  • You're great, thank you for all of your cc, I love these texture markings :drooling_face:

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    Whoa, I have some things to catch up on!
    Brindles! Noise markings x2! Can never have enough of each!
    Thank you for all of this! :heart:

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