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    One day, there will be pretty graphics here. We'll make a logo, it'll be awesome. For now, welcome!

    Who we are
    The AHOS are just a group of enthusiasts who love the various flavours of Aussie horse. From brumbies to stock horses to Australian warmbloods, Aussie breeds can often go unsung in the wider more international landscape of Equus. We're here to showcase the unique talents of Australian horses through shows and challenges, as well as connect owners and breeders to help grow the different Australian breeds.

    Why Aussie?
    Currently, Aussie breeds in general are short on horse numbers, so splitting them up seems a bit silly. There's also something to be said for Aussie mateship, and the general pool of common content that can be shared between our Aussie horses and farms.

    What breeds are Australian?
    Australia has a few proud breeds of horse that have developed with the needs of the nation over the years. At the AHOS, we include all Australian breeds, notably:

    • Australian Stock Horse
    • Australian Brumby
    • Australian Waler (pending)
    • Australian Pony
    • Australian Warmblood
    • Australian Sport Horse

    The Australian horse covers all disciplines from stock work to olympic riding, and almost everything in between. If you'd like more information on any of these breeds, click on their name above to see a short guide on each (coming soon)!

    Events and Challenges
    As part of promoting the Australian horse, we aim to showcase its versatility and the more unique aspects that aren't always seen. Expect stock auctions, muster challenges, friendly team challenges and discipline showcases in future!

    Who to talk to
    If you wanted to know more about anything mentioned here, you can get in touch with the rest of the Aussie horse community on slack, in our #aussie-horses channel. You can also contact one of our founders board, the people who help run this club and are hardcore Aussie horse fans.

    • @Zahid-Sadir - Founder/Manager
      Despite the name, very Aussie, in charge of organising things and a good source of info.
    • @Bleu-Kauffman (Formerly Erin Cooke) - Manager
      A true blue Aussie, and one of the longest standing Aussie horse breeders in the community.
    • @Octavia-Ryland (Formerly Mercedes Hampton) - Manager
      Sure to point you in the right direction if you're feeling lost.
    • @Maddie-Burtoon - CC Contributor
      Another Aussie here to help, Maddie contributes CC towards show prizes. A true hero.

    If you're interested in joining the founder's board (assisting with running shows / challenges), you can contact any of the people above!

    Get connected
    Not sure where to look for other Aussie breeders? Want to know what else is out there? Keen to breed some horses or roleplay with another stable? Our member directory helps connect farms and breeders, with information like key breeds, disciplines and location. Put your name down today and join us!

    Membership Form
    Member Directory

  • Resources

    Official AHOS Templates

    alt text

    Download Link
    Template by Moondara Park and @Zahid-Sadir

    alt text

    Download Link
    Template by Moondara Park and @Zahid-Sadir

    alt text

    Download Link
    *Template by Wedgewood Park and @Erin-Cooke *

    alt text

    Download Link
    *Template by Wedgewood Park and @Erin-Cooke *

    alt text

    Download Link
    Template by Moondara Park and @Zahid-Sadir

    Many of these breeds show a varied conformation depending on purpose and breeding - we encourage you to modify and experiment with these templates! If these templates don't show correctly, you may be missing sliders! Make sure you have all of the sliders downloaded from our CC Database (just in case).

    Aussie CC

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