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    See what's going on in our facility here!
    Here we will keep you up to date to anything that we feel is worth sharing, such as special events that may occur during a ride, breeding, foals growing up and more!

    (do not expect an all-too fancy setup here though, because I really do not like markdown ^^')

  • Our Oldenburg mare, VSF Shagyrja, has been turned out with our PRE stallion, Escandalo II del Astro a few days ago, and we can't wait to see if she's in foal! This is going to be her first experience as a mum, and it's fingers crossed for us that everything goes well.
    We took some pictures of the two lovebirds as well.
    Needless to say, Escandalo got pretty excited to be with a mare, and Shaggy doesn't necessarily look happy about having an unknown horse stuck to her bum like a burdock :laughing: However, we gave them all the time they needed.

    Now, these might be our favourite pictures. The stallion is all about impressing the mare, while Shagyrja gives him that "Ugh, yeah, I get it." look.

    After some time, they both eventually calmed down, and started approaching each other more. Escandalo being the gentleman he is, gave Shagyrja a nice little grooming session. We decided it should be fine to leave them alone at this point, went for some hot chocolate inside the house, and seperated them a little later in the evening. We're so proud of our good little horsies knowing how to treat each other :slight_smile:

    In case you are wondering, these are the possible colours the foal could have:
    Black, Bay, Smoky Black, Buckskin & all of the 4 + Greying
    What colour are you rooting for? :slight_smile:

    The foal will be born next month, and we'll keep you updated on Shaggy's progress!
    It will be registered as a Spanish Sport Horse and will be born with 12 bonus points in Dressage, and 4 bonus points in Working Equitation.

  • The oldenburger is great

  • @Mira-Green Thank you! I'll soon put my other horses on this blog too.

  • -> Foal will be born next month, not Equus Year 17, sorry for that really embarrassing mistake.

    UPDATE 06.01.2018
    Obviously, we've decided that Shagyrja will not be entered in competitions until the time has come and she will have spent enough time with her baby.
    However, we will take her out for a ride until we think it's better to just take her out on walks, based on how heavy she will be carrying.

    Somewhat near our facility, a friend of ours has her own barn on which she keeps Holsteiners. Since we don't have any other mares or geldings to let Shagyrja roam with so far, our friend has allowed us to bring her to her pastures. Over the few years Shaggy has been out with those horses, she's made a lot of friends in that little herd.

    alt text

    We'll be sure that she'll be comfortable in that surounding, but soon enough we'll eventually extend our VSF-equine-family with a few other mares or perhaps geldings :slight_smile:

  • I'm sure Shagyrja will have a beautiful foal, Escandalo is just stunning :heart_eyes:

  • @Pablo-Hermoso Thank you so much! I'm also pretty sure the foal will be pretty. Also felt like showing some love to grade-breeds :smiley:

  • UPDATE 23.01.2018
    The foal will be here soon, and everything went very well so far!

    Won't you look at that belly? It will probably grow even larger, but Shagyrja seems to be comfortable. Sometimes we think we can see something kicking in there! We're hoping the baby will be a spunky one.

    alt text

    What's the Dad up to?
    During the Winter, we love to do pole-expercises with our horses to maintain their surefootedness on the trails. We usually lunge them, but once there's enough of teamwork between a horse and its human, we'll occasionally use body language to control them in a round pen or smaller arena.
    Escandalo sure does enjoy this type of exercising too!

    alt text

  • That perspective kinda makes Escandalo's head/front look huge in comparison to rest of his body, haha! :laughing: He still looks gorgeous though and the pic has really nice winter atmosphere! :slight_smile:

  • @Dorms-Dequine
    Perspectives are scary, but Escandalo does have a kind of large head. And thank you! :smiley:
    Have this raw picture to have another look on big horsy head :laughing:

    alt text

  • First of all, I want to apologize for not bringing an update sooner - I've had a lot of problems with my PC lately.
    Luckily, this weekend I'll finally order the missing hardware for my all-new gaming PC! Finally, an upgrade after 10 years! :slight_smile:


    Get ready for loads of pictures with this one!

    UPDATE 07.02.2018

    Our first foal!

    By the beginning of this week, we already knew that it'd soon be Shagyrja's time to foal.
    We had starting taking her for walks a while ago, wanting to make sure she gets a bit more exercise besides grazing with her friends.

    alt text

    Even though she has somewhat of a nervous temperament, this horse is amazingly well-behaved on the lead rope.
    We're so proud of her for doing so fine with her pregnancy!

    alt text

    Tonight, we noticed Shagyrja's behaviour to be very suspicious. The days prior she started rolling and scratching a lot, her teats appeared to have droplets of resin-like milk on them, so we prepared a foaling-stall for her. Even though we would be fine with her foaling on a pasture, at least for her first time, we want to make sure that everything goes along smoothly and without any inconveniences.

    We watched her through our monitors tonight:
    alt text
    alt text
    Colt or Filly?
    alt text
    alt text


    We are thrilled to announce that VSF Shagyrja has given birth to a Spanish Sport Horse COLT!

    The little man appears to be a smoky black, and look at those cute markings!
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    You can not unsee that iberian head!
    alt text
    alt text

    His name is still unclear, we are considering to call him VSF Earl of Roses, however we might also give him a more "spanish" name. What do you think? Care to help us out to choose a name for our new (and first) foal? :smiley:

  • Small Update, 08.02.2018:
    We have decided to name the foal VSF Espectáculo del Universo, and we've already started nicknaming him "Divo", due to him constantly prancing. Mom and baby are looking good on their first time together on the pasture!
    alt text

    Go see Espectáculo's main site page now! (VSF website profile is still to come)

  • Oh baby😍😍

  • Congratulaaaations on your new colt :ribbon:

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Thank you!

  • Say hello to

    VSF Rigoroso Capo!

    Currently, he is our only Oldenburg stallion - and we're in love with him!
    He is still very young and just recently turned 4 years old, moved to Christa's stables when he was 3 and she has started training with him ever since and specialize in Dressage.
    A few people would say he has somewhat of a "difficult character", as he is rather dominant and "stallion-ish". However, he is an incredibly smart horse that learns fast, and with enough patience, he turns out to be an amazing partner to work with.
    alt text

  • He is stunning!

  • @Addelle-Watson Thank you, and we agree to that!

  • Updated the image with an added stirrup and making the name look more "golden"

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