Arabian Horse Society (AHS) || It's Back

  • aw.. that's a shame, but thank you :)

  • We now have an Arabian Horse Society Studbook! :horse:

  • We have finally opened up our first challenge! Grab your Arabs and head on off to the showgrounds! :heart_exclamation:

  • Just letting everyone know. I am aware the AHS has been quiet but I have updated the studbook

  • Hello would love to know if my Pure bred Straight Egyptian Arabians can be registered here an how?
    My web site is

    I will get a group pic of my four arabians an summit that one. if i can register them here

  • I will check for the reg book. Not sure if we set one up just our stud book so far. I know we had a brood book in the makings. I will have to finish that.

  • Thank you an ok will get pics of my stallions for here.:)

  • Its Back!

    It has been a very long time since the Arabian Horse Society has been running, and its been meaning to get back and up and running once and for all. So today is the day! :smile:

    The thread posts have been updated and edited to look more formal, better for use and have had things updated to make more sense seeming its been like what? 7 months? Since it was last active :sweat_smile:

    The AHS is back open again, and with saying that, it holds new things ahead of itself. Challenge wise, auction wise, raffle wise and we hope to get new members rolling in to support this glorious breed :heart_decoration:

    Everything is basically the same. Member sign ups, Studbook sign ups (minus the link to the Studbook because of maintenance - sorry) so nothing really has changed, easy right? :star2:

    The club now brings out new CC, this time without the hassle of tracking people down to send files to. This time all you have to do is click that little download button and enjoy club CC! I cant really enforce 'only to be used by members' as its publicly linked, but we do hope that everyone who wishes to use the club CC joins eventually :wink:

    Its a new year and this club has been revamped to continue its success throughout it. This year we hope to host more challenges and more things to create awareness and more things to promote our club. Love arabians? Well this is the club for you :heart:

    Dont forget we have a slack channel! You're welcome to ask questions and or post ideas in there for us all to discuss :sun_with_face: #ah-society

    Without further or do, welcome back to the Arabian Horse Society! :confetti_ball:

  • I am very happy to see this club come back :D

  • I think I will talk to Jay about getting AHS Compleatly running again.
    I will check the brood and stud books. We should have them up and running if anyone has issues let me know since I was running that anyhow

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