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    The Arabian Horse Society is a club focused on welcoming and promoting the breed and the many strains it carries. Although the breed itself is popular among Equus, some strains aren't in the spotlight compared to others. The AHS is a place to publicise those not so big strains or to just show off your Arabians in general.

    About The Breed

    Being one of the most recognisable breeds in the world, with its high tail carriage and dished face, the Arabian horse has been dated back 4,500 years, also making it one of the oldest. Being a versatile breed, the Arabian horse has been crossbreed into many others improving speed, intelligence and sensitivity among many more. Usually flowing through the colours bay, grey, chesnut, black, bay and grey, with sabino and rabicano common in the breed.


    Events and Challenges held by the AHS will be very broad and will have many different aspects to it. From challenges to raffles, we hope to promote the breed among members new to it, and bring the breed into disciplines they may not be common in. In the end to just have some fun!


    If you wish to locate any member, stable, you can find them via the sheet below

    AHS Member Directory
    AHS Member Sign Up

    ~ Charlie Smith
    ~ Lindsey Warren
    ~ Mathilde Dahler
    ~ Jase Sunshine
    ~ Alina Parson
    ~ Treyvor Storm
    ~ Allison Person
    ~ Irene Crownguard
    ~ Breanna Fahnestock
    ~ Antonio Ferrari
    ~ Hilda Wilson
    ~ Cristyne Westwood

    "What's the difference of being a member or not?"
    We highly promote joining the AHS not only to grow the Arabian horse community, but to also allow you to gain pretty cool member club points (being worked on and as these do not associate with Equus show points in any way) when entering challenges. Still sitting on the fence? We also offer a set of matching equipment and decor once you join the wacky side of the AHS!
    As of currently all club CC will Be distributed to club members within 24hrs of joining. They will be sent to the email you provided by any of the 3 managers.
    Note also that this CC is only shared among club members.
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    All tack fully recolourable
    (Rug is in process of getting an update!)
    Rug Close Up
    Halter Close Up
    Sign Close Up



    Charlie Smith


    Charlie Smith
    Jase Sunshine
    Allison Person


    Breanna Fahnestock
    Hilda Wilson

    Event Organisers

    CC Coordinators

    Jase Sunshine
    Mathilde Dahler

    Submissions And Forms

    Apply For AHS Staff
    AHS Staff Roles
    AHS Staff Directory
    In future documents may be linked here for members to submit photos of their horses for upcoming showcases.

    Want to help us run the AHS? Check out the document linked in the''Submissions And Forms' section and you can now quickly fill out the form also linked there to apply to help make the AHS bigger and better for everyone. Note that staff role applications will not always be available. Once filled it might be a while before we hire staff again, but we will announce so no one will miss out!

    If you have any questions or comments regarding the AHS, please feel free to send a message to any of the managers listed above. Even join our slack channel! @ah-society where most of our discussions will be held!

    AHS Member Horses

    Want your horses shown? Its easy! Join the AHS, and then submit a picture of your horse/s (photo can have on it your stables watermark too) through the form below. And voila!
    Please note you have to be an AHS member in order to submit your pictures.
    Photo Submission Here
    Photo Submission Raw List

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    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    alt text alt text alt text alt text

  • Upcoming And Past Events

    Any events that are upcoming in near future will be listed and linked below

    Arabian Horse Society Showcase
    No past shows

    AHS Studbook

    Have some Arabians stallions you'd like to put up for breeding? Well look no further! Come submit your stallions into the Arabian Horse Society Studbook! Its not necessary to be a member to submit your horses as its open to everyone, but we encourage all members who are Arabian lovers to sign up, especially before they submit to the studbook. You never know what discounts you might get for being a member!


    AHS Studbook Horse Submission Form
    AHS Studbook Submissions
    Please if you make any errors regarding your stallion submission, please let one of the 3 managers know


    Any announcements will be noted below

    We have a new staff section! If you're interested in becoming a member of ur staff team fill in the application below, and welcome! Also don't forget to sign up to be a member first!


    All helpful resources will be linked below

    SEA Template Here

  • Is this open to Pintabian owners as well?

  • @Samantha-Jadirea said in Arabian Horse Society (AHS) ~ Update!:

    Is this open to Pintabian owners as well?

    Currently we are only an Arabian based group, which means no we don't do Pintabians, but! To your luck there is actually a club just for Pintabians that Nikki has created HERE!

  • aw.. that's a shame, but thank you :)

  • We now have an Arabian Horse Society Studbook! :horse:

  • We have finally opened up our first challenge! Grab your Arabs and head on off to the showgrounds! :heart_exclamation:

  • Just letting everyone know. I am aware the AHS has been quiet but I have updated the studbook

  • Hello would love to know if my Pure bred Straight Egyptian Arabians can be registered here an how?
    My web site is

    I will get a group pic of my four arabians an summit that one. if i can register them here

  • I will check for the reg book. Not sure if we set one up just our stud book so far. I know we had a brood book in the makings. I will have to finish that.

  • Thank you an ok will get pics of my stallions for here.:)

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