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  • The Leutstettener or Leutstettener Horse or Sárvárer

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    The systematically breeding of the Leutstettener is established in autonomous breed associations that are affiliated with the "Deutschen Reiterlichen Vereinigung" (FN). The german breeding associations stick to the guideance of the European Union and the german animal welfare law. The Bavarian Breed Organisation "Kleinpferde und Spezialrassen e.V." monitors the studbook & registry.

    Brief Summary:

    Breed Leutstettener or Leutstettener Horse
    Type Warmblood
    Origin Leutstetten, Bavaria, Germany since 1875
    Height Between 15.2 hh & 16.2 hh, ideally 15.3hh
    Allowed Colors Most commenly bay of all shades, chestnut & black is rare, grey can occur but is undesirable
    Patterns & Modifiers No patterns or modifiers allowed
    Markings Small white markings on head & legs allowed but undesired
    Temperament sensitive, kind, level headed & willing, of good mild temperament
    Uses Most commenly Eventing & Endurance but can also excel in Show Jumping, Dressage and Carriage Driving
    Striving For A hard & resilient horse with enormous stamina and jumping ability, brave & good-natured with hard hooves and an excellent health
    Status Highly endangered


    The name "Leutstettener or Leutstettener Horse" (sometimes also referred to as Sárvárer) referres to its origin as it was first bred in the "Landgestüt Leutstetten" (the successor studfarm of the "Wittelsbacher Gutes Sárvár"). The Leutstettener harks back to the thoroughbred stallions Furioso & North Star. There are two dam bloodlines that can be traced back gapeless to Helena (1828) & Bogar (1830). Since 1875 the breed is bred by the bavarian royal family & ever since the breeding goal stayed the same. The breeding was evacuated in 1945 and has been autonomous since this day. In 2006, when the royal family came to an end with their breeding of the Leutstettener, the german goverment took over the studbook to save the breed from extiction.

    Breeding Rules:

    The Leutstettener is true to type and blood and only the following outcrosses are allowed:

    • Thoroughbred
    • Furioso North Star - hungarian breed (only when bred with pure bred Leutstetteners until the 4th generation; foreign blood of max. 12,5% is allowed)

    Under particulars & only if the horses meet the criteria to refine the Leutstettener Horse these breeds are allowed as well:

    • Shagya Arabian
    • Anglo-Arabian
    • Nonius (only when bred with pure bred Leutstetteners until the 4th generation; foreign blood of max. 25% is allowed)

    Registry Rules:

    Mares & stallions can only be registrerd when they are at least 3 years of age and have to fullfill a performance test of at least a day that includes: rideability in walk, trot & galopp, dressage & jumping ability (or, if used & trained for driving, driving ability) or, if they already competed, they have to be placed first to third in Show Jumping (Preliminary) or Dressage (Third Level) or Eventing (Preliminary) at least 5 times.

    At grading shows all horses have to have their manes braided in the bavarian flag colors: blue & white. See here & Here for example.

    Naming Rules:

    Colts have to use the full name of the dam with the ongoing Roman numerals that indicates the number of the colt foals the dam has had.
    Fillies have to get an hungarian name starting with the first letter of the dam's name.

    Links (unfortunatly only available in german):

    Studbook of the Leutstettener
    Specific Stipulations in the bavarian studbook
    Leutstettener Horse Registry Website
    Registry of highly endangered breeds in Germany - GEH

    More Pictures - Grading Show
    Colt v. Cent II a.d. Logobó
    Filly v. Cent II a.d. Izmós
    Colt v. Cent II, a.d. Iszmos v. Meteorit xx
    Filly v. The Bart Furioso-145 (Trónörökös) a.d. Gyümölcs
    Filly v. Furioso XXIII-20 (Hetyke) a.d. Gyanta
    Show Jumping
    Perfomance Test Mares

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