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  • Rare Colour Breeding League

    Yeah, we're a league. :sunglasses:

    Our Goals

    The intent of the Rare Colour Breeding League (RCBL, for those who prefer acronyms) is to provide a club for those who are enthusiasts of rare colours found within all breeds, and to celebrate them! Primarily the focus is on breeding and acting as a meeting point between those who are active colour breeders to encourage stock expansion and collaboration.

    Rare Colours?

    A coat colour is considered 'rare' if it falls under such on the Master Breed List, so refer to this as your primary source for defining Equus rare colours.


    At the moment, no shows/challenges are in the works. This club's intended to serve as a jumping off point for people looking to further their colour breeding programs or even start one, so the focus is much more on that rather than internalized club competitions. But this is always subject to change; to get involved in the club's growth, you can come and chat up fellow colour breeders on the #RCBL channel on Slack!

    Currently plans are being floated around about possibly having an RCBL studbook where we can provide coloured studs to fellow members for reduced prices. If you'd like to discuss or get involved, signing up for Slack is super easy :smile:

    Member List

    Supreme Overlord: Luke Teth

    Member: Aylin Ashryver
    Member: Maxine Spencer
    Member: Xi Li
    Member: Callixta Rosella
    Member: Johanna Masters
    Member: Andrea Burdine
    Member: Octavia Ryland
    Member: Isaiah Pace
    Member: Bleu Kauffman
    Member: Marquis Moulin
    Member: Samantha Lockhart
    Member: Levi Rosenthal
    Member: Jase Sunshine
    Member: Constantine Vale
    Member: Neeve Kalford
    Member: Emilia Gardner
    Member: Rebecca Wall

    Signing Up

    To get on the Member List, please fill out this (extremely short) form!

  • RCBL Studbook

    If you're looking to expand your coloured stock -- In whatever discipline, breed, or specific pattern you desire -- Then our group studbook is ideal for you!

    Members are able to submit any of their horses to this studbook. Ideally, however, they would put their horses of remarkable colour up for stud. Breedings will be conducted member-to-member and should be discussed either in the #rcbl channel on slack or in a private chat. Members can additionally indicate if they'd like their horses to be open for BIY or Traditional (Or both!), whether or not this affects the price, and if they'd like their horses to be open to the general public via this studbook, or just RCBL members.

    Stay tuned for more information! If you're interested in submitting horses for the 'book, discussing it's potential with other members, or suggesting ideas in general, be sure to join us in Slack :smile:

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