Birdie Bee Equisport | Water buckets!

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    Terms of Use

    • Do not reupload
    • Give credit where it is due
    • All meshes belong to their creators, I will have linked originals with each item
    • The most important....HAVE FUN with these!

    At this time, I am not taking requests.

    Item Preview
    Water Bucket Set - Set of 2 meshes (original by Christina Hanson) retextured to look like WATER! alt text
    Recolorable Metal Stalls (Original mesh by Christina Hanson) You can now recolor the metal on the Traditional Stall Set! Image Preview
    Item and Description Image Preview

  • Development Committee

    It's about time I made my shop here :joy:
    These bucks were released on Equus-Sims quite some time ago, but they now have a new download link, check the first post!
    alt text

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