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  • Purpose: To promote the Hackney Horse and Pony’s versatility, athleticism, and proper conformation.

    General Information on Hackneys

    The modern Hackney is colored black, brown, bay and chestnut in the minority, with or without strip and white stockings. He should possess a small head, muzzle and ears, giving the general impression of alertness. The neck should be long and blend into a broad chest and powerful shoulders. A compact body with a level back and round rib, a short strong loin and level croup with either a long or docked tail carried high are desired. The legs should be of medium length, the joints large and of strong quality. The thighs and quarters are well muscled. Pasterns are of good length and slope. The Hackney has a good foot and the breed, both the horse and pony, has a good reputation for soundness.

    The action of the Hackney, his hallmark, is spectacular and highly distinctive. Shoulder action is fluid and free with a very high, ground covering knee action. Action of the hind legs is similar but to a lesser degree. The hocks should be brought under the body and raised high. All joints should exhibit extreme flexion. The action must be straight and true. The whole effect must be arresting and startling, showing extreme brilliance.

    The remarkable high stepping gait of the Hackney is exciting to watch. Hackney ponies are shown in five divisions,:the Hackney Pony; Harness Pony (Long Tail); Roadster Pony; In Hand Pony; and Pleasure Pony. The Hackney Horse can be shown single, pair, four in hand, obstacle, and some are shown under saddle.

    Information on the Hackney Horse

    Hackneys standing over 14.2 hands are classified as Hackney Horses. Shown in a variety of ways, the Hackney Horse is a versatile performer. Hackney Horses are often driven in both Carriage and Combined Driving Events as singles, pairs, tandems, unicorns and four-in-hand. In the sport horse disciplines, today’s Hackney Horses are competing in Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Combine Training (Eventing), English Pleasure, and Competitive Trail Riding/Driving. They are also well suited for Fine Harness and Park Pleasure.

    Information on the Hackney Pony

    Hackneys standing under 14.2 hands, or 58 inches at their withers, are considered Hackney ponies. These smaller Hackneys are primarily featured in the show ring. There are five main divisions that ponies show in, with differences being in their size, show ring performance, and mane and tail appearance. Each type is dynamic and exciting to watch in the show ring.

    The Roadster Pony (In Harness or Ridden)

    The Hackney Roadster ponies are the speedsters of the Hackney breed. This very popular and speedy Hackney measures 13 hands (52 inches) or under and shows at three separate trotting speeds: the jog, the road gait, and at speed. Roadsters are shown at the jog-trot, road gait and then at “speed.” They are also shown under saddle by Junior Exhibitors wearing racing silks.

    The Hackney Pony Division (Cob Tail)

    Also commonly called the Hackney Pony, this dynamic high stepper must stand 14.2 hands and under at the withers. These ponies must be shown with the appearance of a shortened tail and with a braided mane. Ponies are to be shown to a four-wheel vehicle called a viceroy; they are also shown in pairs.

    The Harness Pony (Long Tail)

    Also called the Long Tail, this dynamic high-stepper stands 12.2 hands or under at the withers. The Hackney Harness Pony must be shown with a long mane and an undocked tail. Ponies are to be shown to a four-wheeled vehicle called a viceroy; they are also shown in pairs.

    The Hand Pony (In-Hand Showing)

    The "In Hand" classes are primarily for weanlings, yearlings and 2-year-olds. Exhibitors compete by lining their pony up to be judged on conformation, then leading it along the rail to be evaluated on performance. This is an excellent division for newcomers to try due to the limited amount of equipment needed and the relative ease of training a hand pony.

    The Pleasure Pony

    Showing in the newest of the four Hackney pony divisions, the Pleasure Pony is 14.2 hands or under, and is well mannered and a pleasure to drive. Another class for the Hackney is the Pleasure Driving Division. These ponies are shown with unbraided manes and tails to an appropriate pleasure vehicle. They are shown only by Amateurs – Ladies, Gentlemen or Junior Exhibitors. They are shown at a pleasure trot, road trot, and a flat walk. They must stand quietly in the line-up and back when asked. They are to be quiet, easy, and a pure pleasure to drive. Pleasure Ponies are also shown under saddle by junior exhibitor riders.

    Plans & Events
    • lans for the future include Showcase shows for Horses and Ponies as well as children divisions to give our smaller sims something new and exciting to do.
    • A Studbook (for Stallions and Mares) to catalog Hackney Horses and Ponies for all to see.
    • Raffles, Auctions, and Give Aways!

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    Founder: Lucca Jager
    Members: Cathleen Howe
    Samantha Jadirea

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