BHR's Leasing Service! {Open}

  • I've decided that since I tend to enter every R show that comes around I might as well open up a leasing service to help others that have too many horses in one discipline!

    • Lease fees are due each month on the day your lease starts.
    • I will message you to remind you about your lease payment.
    • Horses will not be entered into any R shows until your lease payment for the month has been sent.
    • You can lease as many horses as you want to me if I have the space for them.
    • First come first serve basis.

    The available spots list will be frequently updated that way people don't get confused as to what I have open and what I don't.
    Feel free to message me here on the forum or on Slack with any questions


    • 1 Discipline = $1000 a month per horse
    • 2 Disciplines = $2000 a month per horse
    Discipline Available Spots
    Barrels&Poles All
    Carriage Driving All
    Classical Dressage All
    Combined Driving All
    Country Pleasure All
    Cutting All but level 1
    Draft Horse Showing All
    Dressage All
    Endurance All
    English Pleasure All
    Eventing All
    Field Hunter Trials All
    Fine Harness All
    Flat Racing All
    Halter All
    Harness Racing All
    Horseball All
    Hunter Paces All
    Mountain Trail All
    Park Pleasure All
    Polo All
    Pony Show Hunters All
    Pony Show Jumping All
    Ranch Versatility All
    Reining All but level 1
    Roping All
    Show Hunters All
    Show Jumping All
    Sorting & Penning All
    Speed Racking All
    Steeplechasing All
    Trail Pleasure All
    TREC All
    Western Dressage All
    Western Pleasure All
    Western Trail All
    Working Cow Horse All
    Working Equitation All

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