BHR's Leasing Service! {Open}

  • I've decided that since I tend to enter every R show that comes around I might as well open up a leasing service to help others that have too many horses in one discipline!

    • Lease fees are due each month on the day your lease starts.
    • I will message you to remind you about your lease payment.
    • Horses will not be entered into any R shows until your lease payment for the month has been sent.
    • You can lease as many horses as you want to me if I have the space for them.
    • First come first serve basis.
    • The available spots list will be frequently updated that way people don't get confused as to what I have open and what I don't.
    • I only charge the entry fees
      Feel free to message me here on the forum or on Slack with any questions

    Look here to see what is or isn't available.

  • Updated the slots and changed how you can see them! Sheets are in alphabetical order.

  • Added quite a few more leased horses to the sheets!

  • Bump! Also have a new and improved sheet. Now you can search for a discipline and see what spots I have and what are taken :D

  • What slots I have open has just been updated today!

  • Bump <3 will hopefully be updating open spots here sometime today

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