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  • @Samantha-Jadirea said in Breed Point Conversion:

    I've put about half my horses in, but they are all coming up as "no points" even though the breed association sheets have the exoected number of points listed for them. Is this going to cause problems? I'm guessing a link or formula isn't working anymore.

    The AHA and SHA sheets seem to have had the names and other details removed or deleted, but the association IDs are still present and seem to be correct.

    I'm running into the same issue with all of my horses, even though i do see points for them on the leaderboards that are working. I hope that y'all find an answer, its very strange that the sheets are doing this

  • Administrators

    This issue has been fixed - please be sure to enter your horses breed association IDs as '123' not '00123' etc.

  • @Elsie-Spectre

    Thanks Elsie:) I will check that in future now I know about it. I was going by the instruction on the form which says "Please enter the ID numbers exactly as they appear on the horses main site stamp."

  • Administrators

    @Samantha-Jadirea my mistake - sorted that form note!

  • Thanks for the help :)

  • Made a mistake :face_palm: Kataryna HL (5042) was sent twice because I can't read and sent her WBA number as 01862 instead of 1862. I'm sorry!

  • I made a mistake and gave SCF Ebba the main site ID of SCF Daritt. Ebba's ID should be 15261 and her PBA# is 00476.

  • Development Committee

    All errors have been fixed and all breed points to this point are approved!

  • Development Committee

    :exclamation: REMINDER :exclamation:

    Please make sure to enter your horses breed association IDs without the '00' at the beginning!

    For example:

    Your horses breed stamp looks like this:

    alt text

    You have to enter it as this in the form:

    alt text

    :exclamation: Otherwise we can't guarantee that your horses get their breed points correctly! :exclamation:

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