German Riding Pony Society

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    The German Riding Pony Society was founded to promote the breed on Equus, as it is still quite rare with 190 registered ponies. We want to provide a community for exchange between breeders as well as newcomers to the breed.


    German Riding Ponies are very talented sport ponies usually bred for Dressage, Show Jumping or Eventing. They combine the athleticism of the German Riding Horse with a strong pony type and a child friendly size of 13.1 hh to 14.2 hh. The ponies come in a variety of different colors, such as cream dilutes, roan, champagne, gray and tobiano. While they need a certain will to compete, an easy to handle temperament is encouraged, since they'll be mostly ridden by children.


    Conformation Grading Shows
    Studbook / List of Breeders
    Raffles, Auctions or other promotional events


    Emilia Gardner - Founder/Manager
    Bleu Kauffman - Manager
    Octavia Ryland - Manager


    Callixta Rosella
    Levi Rosenthal
    Lindsey Warren
    Luke Teth
    Neeve Kalford
    Kia Williams
    Dana Murray
    Diana Sæterbakken
    Holden Guiness
    Leah Harrington


    German Riding Pony Template
    Download it here!


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  • NEWS

    We are currently hosting a promotional raffle and have two pretty ponies to give away, so make sure to check out the Raffle Thread!

    We have added a new German Riding Pony Template for you to use as you wish and create many beautiful new ponies with! Feel free to tweak it to your liking, but please do not claim it as your own. You can find the download link in the main post under Resources.

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  • Development Committee

    CUSTOM CONTENT (fancy header here eventually)

    Custom Club content will be here! Members will receive files to this content upon sign up!

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  • Development Committee

    GRP STUDBOOK (fancy header here eventually)

    A list of available German Riding Pony breeding stock and GRP accepted outcrosses.

    Accepted Outcrosses: Riding Ponies, Welsh, New Forest, Dartmoor, Connemara, Arabian, Shagya, Anglo-Arabian, Thoroughbred and most WBFSH studbook members are also permitted if realistic.

    The German Riding Pony Society Studbook

    Horse Submission
    Edit Requests
    Gallery Submission

    Raw Lists

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