Horsebreed not listed - Who can I ask?

  • Hey everyone!

    I wanted to create a horse profile on the main side, but couldn't find the breed in the list.
    Is the Dongola not allowed in this forum, or just not well known?
    Who can I ask about this? :)

    much love ♥

  • You'd need to post info about this breed and ask for it to be added to the master breed list

  • Administrators

    Lindsay has it :)

    On Equus we don't have any goals of adding every breed, but if there's a breed that you want to use then we can organise to add it for you.
    You'll need to make a post in the breed information forum and gather all your evidence there so that staff can consider adding it. Check out some past approved appeals to see what kind of info we need.

    Good luck!

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