Austrian Warmblood Circle

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    The AWC is here to help promote the Austrian Warmblood. The breed was accepted onto Equus back in November of 2016 and there has been no ground gained at all by this breed. I am here to try and promote this breed and get them out there! The desire to to make them popular like the other warmbloods around here.

    About the Austrian Warmblood

    The Austrian Warmblood comes in classic colors of Black, Bay, Chestnut, Seal Brown and Grey. Flaxen(rare), Sooty, and Minimal White Spotting are allowed. This breed is mainly designed for Dressage and Jumping they are capable of other disciplines as well. Breeding stock has to measure 158cm(15.2), the ideal Show height is 164cm(16) to 168(16.2).


    We plan to do what we can with sales, raffles, and challenges to promote the breed and allow others to add this beautiful breed to their stables.


    These will be spontanious, there is no set date or a plan on when we will do our next raffle or sale to promote the breed, but a template is available if you don't want to twiddle your thumbs and wait for a sale/raffle.
    Currently: None
    Coming Soon: <1/20> AWC Hosted Auction


    Serenity Gwin Club Owner/Event Coordinator
    Lindsey Warren Event Coordinator
    (Open Event Coordinator
    -Event Coordinators are to help plan raffles, sales, and/or challenge shows.
    <Other is there to suggest a position you think we should have>
    Being a staff member, you are not required at all to own the breed, we just appreciate the help
    Staff Sign Up

    Discipline Level Cap

    Dressage 10
    Show Jumping 10
    Show Hunter 10
    Eventing 10
    Hunter Paces 10
    Carriage Driving 10
    Combined Driving 10
    Field Hunter Trials 10
    Classical Dressage 8
    Halter 8
    Horse Ball 5
    Polo 5


    We have a leaderboard for our group just for the Austrian Warmbloods.
    Link coming soon


    We have a studbook for our group just for the Austrian Warmbloods.
    Enter Studbook
    View Studbook
    Studbook Changes Forum


    Sinclair Court @Serenity-Gwin (Breeder & Friend)
    Black Hawk Ranch @Lindsey-Warren (Breeder & Friend)
    Rosenthal Wood @Levi-Rosenthal (Friend)
    Wintergr├╝n Grove Estate @Isabella-Khrazenzia (Friend)
    Crownguard's Stud @Irene-Crownguard (Friend)

    Join Us!

    Sign up to become an Austrian Warmblood Friend X
    Sign up may change. Not official yet just a beta.

    Custom AWC Content

    CC that the AWC will give out to those who have join the friends/breeders list. That way they can show their support for our club and a passion(if they have any) for the breed itself <3

    This stuff is coming soon


    Submit photos to Gallery


    We have a heavy and light template available for download for those who do not want to wait for a raffle or sale to get their hands on this breed.
    Template preview
    Click to View
    Templates removed due to TOU being broken, please pm me to get the templates.


    Coming soon


    Any questions about this please message me on the forum. I do not have a slack cause I somehow am not in this century.

  • When will the first raffle or sale be? I would love to become involved with the breed!

  • Update

    Added a part in regards to sales and raffles. When the time comes may add a section in regards to up coming challenges that we plan to host(but time will tell).
    Currently there is a raffle going on but it is ending tonight, however if need be I can extend it if people want it to be extended.
    May add a bachelor/bachelorette section in regards to breeding

    ~Thanks for reading~

  • Update

    Missed a coat color, added 'Seal Bay' as a possible coat color. Enjoy :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Update 1/8

    Added the date to the next sale of Austrian Warmbloods.

    Added a CC list that will be getting worked on over the next few weeks :)

  • Update

    We now have a slack channel! Contact @Lindsey-Warren to join
    Because I'm still learning how to use slack

  • Update 1/16

    Added the Leaderboard and Studbook, have to get home to put links down obviously.

  • Updated 1/20

    Links for the Studbook have been added

    Link to submit a photo of your Austrian Warmblood for a gallery has been added

    Leaderboard to come February 1st!

  • UPDATE 3/27

    The Austrian Warmblood Circle is slowly preparing itself to host it's first show! While the rules are in the works I am happy to leak that it will be a movement show so get your guys all cleaned up.
    Date of show is not set in stone yet but should be next month :)

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