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    People who think Pintabians are Pretty Darn Neat.


    • Work to promote the Pintabian breed by expanding and improving the population
    • Showcase the beauty and versatility of the Pintabian through challenges hosted within the community
    • Provide the community with Pintabian stock through breedings, sales, and raffles
    • Compile a studbook of eligible Pintabian and Arabian stock that is available to the community to produce future generations of Pintabians
    • World domination


    A good attitude, an appreciation for the Pintabian breed, and seven (7) small lizards


    • Club exclusive CC, made by and for TPC members (which will be showcased in this thread as it is created!)
    • Members can communicate to share stock to work together and improve their breeding programs
    • The opportunity to help plan, host, and judge club challenges
    • Bragging rights
    • Cookies


    A Pintabian is a horse that is 99% or more Arabian, the other <1% being American Paint Horse. Pintabians have the grace and classic beauty of the Arab while carrying the stunning colors of the APH. For more information about Pintabians, try these sources:


    Member Sign Up
    Also visit our slack channel, #the-pintabian-company!


    Q: Do I have to own Pintabians or Arabians to join?
    A: Nope! Come one, come all!

    Q: Do I really need the seven lizards?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Are you okay?
    A: No.


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    Nikki Calvaria
    Andrea Burdine
    Samantha Lockhart
    Luke Teth
    Erica Ackerson
    Mathilde Dahler
    Kassidi Coy Lutz
    Samantha Jadirea
    Neeve Kalford
    Lindsey Warren
    Anna Hertler
    Treyvor Storm
    Fiora Healy
    Octavia Ryland
    Maxine Spencer
    Maddie Burtoon
    X-tina Hoxha
    Tasha White
    Lythaera Böhm
    Skye Valens
    Leah Harrington

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    The Pintabian Company Member Studbook

    If you wish to list your horse as publicly available for Pintabian stock breeding, we encourage you to submit their information to our studbook! Currently, all the studbook allows are mares and stallions of Arabian and Pintabians breeds. All strains of Arabians are permitted. Part-Arabs and American Paint Horses are not included at this time, but they may be included in the future if there is significant interest for them. Please only list your horses here if you are interested in receiving requests to breed with them. This studbook is open to the entire community, though Pintabian breeders and TPC members will likely receive priority in breeding requests!

    When setting prices for your horses, use the 'Base Stud/Brood Fee' as your horses' BIY price. If you wish to offer Traditional Breedings as well, be sure to include any price difference on the form. I have entered a few of my own horses in the studbook already if you want to view some examples. Whether you want to offer only BIY, only Traditional, or both is up to you.

    Participation in the studbook is completely optional. Horses do not have to be listed in the studbook to enter any TPC challenges. Members who do not wish to put their horses in the studbook will still receive the full benefits of being a TPC member. Horses may be removed from the studbook at any point.

    The Pintabian Company Member's Studbook

    Horse Submission
    Edit Requests
    Photo Gallery Submissions

    Raw Lists

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    Pintabian Company Coolers (by Nikki Calvaria) A Thing? A Thing?
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    A Thing? A Thing? A Thing?
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    Want to create your own Custom Content for the Pintabian Company? Message Nikki Calvaria to have it added to our drive and showcased in our clubroom!

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    2018 Calender

    More information about individual events will be posted when they begin. Event calendars are subject to change.

    FEBRUARY 2018

    • Pintabian Discipline Showcase - Demonstrate your Pintabians excelling at their respective disciplines. All disciplines welcomed, variety encouraged! Try something new!

    JUNE 2018

    • Pintabian Breeders Showcase - Show off your Spring foals, your broodmares, your up-and-coming stallions!

    SEPTEMBER 2018

    • Painted Twice Challenge - Our horses are already painted... but what if we painted them again? Use coat making or editing to turn your horses into double masterpieces. Creativity is encouraged, realism is not!

    DECEMBER 2018

    • Pintabian Stock Conformation Show - Come show us the best of the best of your Pintabian and Arabian breeding stock!

    If you have an idea for an event, submit it to our Suggestion Box below! If you are interested in hosting your own event, message Nikki Calvaria or come tell us about it in #the-pintabian-company channel on Slack!

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    Have an idea for a challenge? Want to suggest an event? Thought of some Pintabian Company custom content you'd like to see created? Just have something you'd like to tell us? Submit it all below!

    TPC Suggestion Box

    Raw List

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    The Pintabian Company Photo Gallery

    Kindly made for us by the lovely @Elsie-Spectre, we have a full-automated photo gallery for you to submit photos of your gorgeous Pintabians and Arabians! All you have to do is fill out a short form to add your horse's photos to our gallery. Use the dropdown to admire all of our members' beautiful horses!

    You may add as many horses as you like! Each horse has a maximum of 12 photo slots. If you fill up your horse's slots, you can continue to submit new photos for it, but the oldest photos will be automatically removed from the gallery page.

    Submit Photos!

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