The Equus Roleplay (RP) Guide

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    The Equus Roleplay (RP) Guide

    Welcome to the RP section of Equus, a place to share the stories about your sims, or write them with others! To keep things easy and organised, there are a couple of things to remember in your threads:

    • Please include [Open] [Private] or [Complete] in your thread title to let people know whether a roleplay is open for members to join, privately ongoing between players or a complete story.
    • Keep writing focused on your Equus Community characters - this isn’t the place for your sci fi fanfiction!
    • Be courteous! If you are unsure if you should do something or not, contact your RP partners. It is better to be safe than sorry.
    • Be upfront and honest about your intentions at the start of a thread: let people know what sort of roleplay you are looking for, and anything they should know before you start. Surprises are fun in character, but not out of character. If your character is looking for someone to argue with, don’t just create an open RP and not mention that.
    • Make sure you understand the roleplay you want to enter or start. This is to avoid awkward situations with fellow RPers. When it doubt ask the person hosting the RP to clarify things.
    • Optional: tag your posts with #open rp, #private rp or #writing so others can find them. You can also tag threads with your character names / stables to similar effect.

    Some RP Ideas:

    • A private, text-based roleplay between two characters vying for the same horse at auction.
    • An open, text-based roleplay between riders waiting at a big qualifying show.
    • A private, text and image based roleplay where players exchange sims for a holiday.
    • A private, ongoing roleplay between members with staff at the same stable.
    • An open, text and image based roleplay on a prebuilt lot featuring children’s orienteering.
    • A complete, text and image based roleplay about a significant character event such as a wedding.
    • A private, ongoing roleplay featuring a particular character and their mount with weekly or monthly installments.

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