Dear Remi

  • This year I was your secret santa, @Remi-Scott! I'm terribly sorry I'm posting so late, but I hope you've had a restful holiday season and a promising start to the new year <3

    The first gift I made you was these two warmblood mares! Neither of them have official names, but our staff have been calling the seal brown mare Meraki and the grey mare Accolade.

    f the two, Meraki is definitely the leader. Curiosity might kill a cat but for Meraki curiosity is life. There's nothing more exciting than the prospect of visiting a new place and making new friends. Although generally a friendly and agreeable mare she can at times be pushy when food is involved, and we've been keeping her separate at feeding times for that reason. If there's food at the end of the day, this lady will do just about anything, so would be ideal in any discipline.

    Accolade can take some time to warm up to strangers, both human and horse. From working with her our staff suggest she be ridden by a single rider and ideally, paddocked with Meraki or a small horse/pony. From her training sessions we've noticed she's quite convinced that feet belong on the ground, and suggest a career in dressage.

    Of course, you don't have to keep their names or enter them in these disciplines. I haven't created a profile for either yet, but will do so once I grab their info from you <3

    I was a bit unsure on what else to make, so for your second gift I'm willing to make a posepack, just for you! All I need are some references and I'll be on my way :D

    PM me or send me a message on slack and I'll ship these two out to you :horse:

    Merry belated Christmas Remi, and I hope you have a wonderful 2018 <3

  • This is absolutely lovely <3 I like that you gave them some personality; gives me so much inspiration to start writing again. Thank you so much Chelsea!

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