[Ended] Andalusian horse

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    This sale will end on January 24th . Starting bid for is $5,000. Min bid is $1,000, no max bid, autobuy 15k.

    • Rules:
      -It is totally forbidden to modify the cloak to the horse without first consulting me.
      -You can not use the horse given as a "base" horse to make another.
      -If the layer is incomplete because there are no marks, let me know.
      -If you're going to sell the horse, you're obliged to offer it to me before anyone else.
      -You can not change the name to the horse.
      -We need to receive constant news about the specimen, every 6 months you should show us a photo of the specimen, offspring or other signs of activity.
      -To prove that you have read the message write the word bay on the form.
      -You can modify the size of the belly.

    • MRD Iluso del Cascabel
      -Andalusian Stallion.
      -Dapple Grey coat.
      -4 years old.
      -MRD Bandido III del Cascabel x Toledana XXVI de Urquijo.
      -Dressage bonuses: 2

  • -SOLD TO LUKE TETH- (Autobuy)

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