[Ended] Small New Year Auction

  • Happy New Year Everyone!

    The first week of 2018 is almost over and I hope you're still doing great and you're healthy and happy :)

    To celebrate I have two Beauties for you :) Enjoy <3

    Nebarya LND

    Hannoverian • Mare • 4 y/o • Dark Bay (EE/Aa) • Dressage* • unregistered
    Nebarya is a simfriendly and very curious young Horse with a lot of potential for Dressage. Her movements are wide and energetic, especially her trot. She does jump too but she doesn't look that elegant doing it.
    #1 #2 #3 #4
    0_1515275251514_Screenshot-4.jpg 0_1515275289379_Screenshot-5.jpg 0_1515275300715_Screenshot-16.jpg 0_1515275307396_Screenshot-18.jpg

    Kadar LND

    Pintabian • Stallion • 4 y/o • Liver Chestnut Tobiano (ee Aa nTo) • Eventing* • unregistered
    Even though Arabians tend to be spirited and ful of energy, Kadar is still something very special. It seems like he never gets tired and wants to discover everything what gets into his sight. He already is a good jumper for his age and is already well muscled. Also his movements are strong and clear. A perfect mount for Eventing sports with a lot of stamina.
    #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
    0_1515275561810_Screenshot-10.jpg 0_1515275566778_Screenshot-11.jpg 0_1515275574306_Screenshot-13.jpg 0_1515275579730_Screenshot-14.jpg 0_1515275585011_Screenshot-15.jpg

    *Disciplines can be changed ofc - it's just a recommendation

    Starting Bid for both: 5,000$

    Highest Bidder:
    Nebarya: Breanna Fahnestock - 11,5k
    Kadar: Lindsey Warren - 11k

    Some Notes:

    • Affixes will be added later bc changing atm
    • Bids can be placed on both Horses
    • Min. Bid Increase should be 500$
    • Just bid if you can afford the Price
    • Ends on 12/01 00:00 a.m.
    • confo/coat should not be changed | Name/Affix should not be changed | Mane/Tail Style can be changed but not the colour | (but custom markings can be added after asking)
    • if you want to sell the Horse again - contact me first if I want it back!
    • type 2018 in your first bid if you accept the terms
    • Main Site Profiles can be provided by request (with a payment of an extra 1000$)

    Happy Bidding!

  • Administrators

    SB for Kadar to kick off 2018!

  • SB on Nebarya please. Yay for 2018! May she be better than 2017.

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock accepted :smile: Let's hope it will be :pray:

  • Development Committee

    Kadar - 10k

    Happy New Year 2018! :smiley:

  • @Fiora-Healy accepted! And Happy New Year for you too! :hugging: :speak_no_evil:

  • Development Committee

    $6,000 for Nebarya. 2018 came quickly! :horse:

  • Nebarya - 7k 2018!

  • Nebarya - 10,000

  • 11k for Kadar
    Been wanting to get a Pintabian for a long time now, maybe this'll be my chance lol
    I'm hoping for a really great 2018 on Equus!

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock accepted :hugging:
    @Lindsey-Warren accepted. maybe you're lucky this time :smile:

  • Nebarya $11,000.
    She would be the best start of 2018! :heart_eyes: :pray:

  • Nebarya 11,500


  • @Breanna-Fahnestock accepted :D

    One day left!

  • Nebarya $12,000

  • @Claire-Anderson Sorry but the auction has already ended ^^ read the notes :/

    Congratulations to @Breanna-Fahnestock and @Lindsey-Warren Please contact me on Slack/Forum, send me your E-Mail and send me the money over :D And the Horse is all yours :)

    Thank you for all who participated :hugging: :heart:

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