Hey! Cristyne Westwood! A late gift for you!

  • PR Committee

    @Cristyne-Westwood Hey hun! I'm sorry I'm so late getting my Secret Santa gift to you! but i've had so many computer issues with my game. Finally everything is in place again but I'm still resetting up my game. So I asked a favor of @Allison-Person with her permission to get photos of your new Percheron!
    The gender is up to you, right now it's a mare. As well as the name is up to you (Just place SiLS at the beginning). The color is greying black. Allison got some fun photos of it for you so I hope you enjoy and like them. Just dm me so i can get your email and send her over to you. (you are also welcomed to grey them out over time)

    Photo Credit to Allison Person (with permission to post images from her for the purpose of posting my gift for my Secret Santa)



  • She's so beautiful! Thank you so much!

  • sorry for all the blue an white but there at the stud paddocks is one of the prettiest places we have built. blue and white is Silver Winds stable colors

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