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    Welcome to Wintergrün. We are a small, family run operation nestled in the Alps of Austria near the small town of Kaunertal. Our stable breeds mostly Dutch Warmbloods and takes great pride in their horses. We open our doors to you and welcome you into our humble mountain haven, enjoy your stay ♥

  • Wintergrun was built nearly a century ago between the huge peaks of the alps, and although the old barn no longer remains, what it represented remained. It was a dream of a young couple, my grandparents, to create something larger than they to leave behind. A dream to breed beautiful horses, taking quality over quantity and patience over fast results. Their dream slowly became a reality and it was this reality of a bustling horse farm that I was born into, although I hardly remeber it. When I was only four Austria's economy suffered greatly and my family was forced to leave the country and our grandparents behind. I kept in touch often with my grandmother and returned often to visit her, and the horses. Slowly though life took over, as it does and I became swept up in University and creating a life of my own. When my grandmother died, I hadn't seen her in two years. I still remember hearing the news, I was broken by it, I put my degree on hold and halted many other things in my life to go to the funeral and pick up the pieces. I never thought that would mean inheriting Wintergrun.

    Inheriting a farm, in Austria, at the age of barely 21. At the time, Liam and I had been together for two and a half years, he had just proposed a few months prior, so we were engaged. He hadn't been able to make the trip for the funeral and we'd been a part for three weeks when I called him, nervous as ever to tell him. I hadn't been sure what this would mean for us. Things were complicated for a while, he had to stay in Canada to finish his degree but eventually, a year later, he made a sacrifice I'll never be able to repay and moved his whole life for me. We were married shortly after, in the summer, at the top of a mountain and I found out I was pregnant less than a month later.

    Now, ten years later and here we are, still standing somehow. It was hard in the beginning, really hard and none of us had a clue what we were doing but my grandfather helped best he could until he passed a few years ago and somehow we figured it out and now it is our life, and I wouldn't change a thing.

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  • Our People

    Name Mounts Blurb
    Isabella Khrazenzia SG Red Wings, Silver's Paradigm Hello everyone! You've already read a bit about me in our stable's introduction but I suppose this one is supposed to be more "personal"and about me. I'm not sure what there is to say. I've been riding horses for as long as I can remember and admiring them from afar long before that. With running a barn and two daughters I hardly have as much time to ride as I would like but it is a gift just to be around the horses every day. Competing is when I am truly in my element and I love the thrill of the fast paced eventing and show jumping, even if I have to muddle through dressage to get to the adrenaline of cross country. The only thing I love more than my horses is my husband and daughters and between taking care of them and the horses, I hardly have time for myself but it's always worth it at the end of the day.
    Liam Coughlin RDEC Hogatha, DPS Hazlenut Latte As much as I badgered Liam to write his own introduction, he's left the task to me, so I'll do my best. Liam and I met when we were both attending University and gravitated towards each other strongly. He did not grow up around horses but learned to love them when he realized that's what it would take. Who would know looking at him now, as comfortable on his favourite mare, Hazle, as he is on his own two feet. He's still getting the hang of the jumping thing, but dressage is his true element and he even likes to throw on the Western saddle every once in a while, although our Warmblood's aren't quite used to that yet. He now cares for the horses nearly as much as I do, even waking up on the early mornings to muck stalls with me or staying up all night with a colicing horse just as he did with our own daughters.
    Maria Coughlin Vallado Maria is one of our daughters, Maria and Olivia are twins, both of them just had their 10th birthday over Christmas. Liam and I were no where near ready when they were born but we won't get into that today, I'll simply say that they only ever knew love since they were born. Maria is certainly the more fiery of our two daughters and always has been, walking months before Olivia and exploring her world with excitment. She took to the horses early in life, wailing if I didn't take her with me once I started riding again. She was in the saddle by 2. She learned quickly too, probably because she was so recklessly fearless, something we tried to curb. It has payed off in the long run however and she now rides our eventer Vallado in competitions like a seasoned professional, regardless of the fact that her mother is scared to death every time.
    Olivia Coughlin None currently Olivia is certainly more cautious than her sister, quieter and more thoughtful, something I appreciate. I don't think I could take two of my daughters jumping fences taller than they are with just a halter. She loves the horses though but takes more after her father, enjoying the quiet trail rides and the pensiveness required in dressage. She rides Hazle occasionally but doesn't feel ready for a true horse yet. When she was younger she had a shetland pony but has since outgrown him and so we are in the market for the perfect riding pony for her to progress on. She spends time with the horses every day none the less, grooming, walking or helping her sister tack up. Outside of the barn she excels in school, loving it much more than Ria does and takes to reading much more than anyone else in the family. She often sits outside one of the horses stall's, reading to them out-loud. The girls are so different and adore each other endlessly, I like to think their differences give the whole family a certain balance.

    The Horses

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  • 01.07.2018

    I have decided to greatly change the layout of our introduction posts and have added a lot of text to our story, the family's introductions and our horses biographies. If anyone actually takes the time to read all of it you might just be my new favourite person. :heart:
    Since we have changed the top layout I decided I still wanted to feature the beautiful portraits of the horses, one of these day's I will have to get around to brining them out for real conformation shots, maybe when the weather warms up again, we'll see. Right now it feels like that's never going to happen, I'm watching game of thrones at the moment and they keep saying "Winter is coming." and all I can think is that winter is already here and I can't wait for it to go back where it came from! In the mean time though, we have beautiful pictures of the horses from before they grew their mammoth coats which I really should get around to clipping one of these days.

    OOC: I think most of my posts will be text heavy and if you're wondering about my writing style(I don't think most of you will be but who knows), the writing is from the perspective of Isabella with lots of references from my own life(game of thrones, shaming myself for not clipping my horse yet, tired of winter etc.) because I'm too lazy to come up with actual story lines yet so I take from my own life a lot.

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    Top left to right; DPS Hazlenut Latte, Silver's Paradigm
    Bottom left to right; RDEC Hogotha, Vallado av Eloyard
    Right; SG Red Wings

  • Hi Isabella :D :wave:
    the landscape pictures of your facilities are stunning :heart_eyes: Blur always on point :ok_hand: Also your buildings look awesome :D
    Your Horses are lovely and very pretty (my fav is Vallado tbh :o :D ) <3 Your scrappy is bookmarked :smile:

  • @Céline-LeMaître said in Wintergrün Grove Estate || Horses (Comments Welcome!):

    Hi Isabella :D :wave:
    the landscape pictures of your facilities are stunning :heart_eyes: Blur always on point :ok_hand: Also your buildings look awesome :D
    Your Horses are lovely and very pretty (my fav is Vallado tbh :o :D ) <3 Your scrappy is bookmarked :smile:

    Thank you so much, you are so kind!! :heart: (little secret; I think Vallado is my fave too, he is just so pretty! :heart_eyes: s:

  • Tabitha is really cute ♥

  • @Alba-Moran said in Wintergrün Grove Estate || Horses (Comments Welcome!):

    Tabitha is really cute ♥

    Thank you, I wasn't too happy with how her photo came out actually so it makes me really happy to hear that! :smile:

  • 01.09.2018

    The stable has added two new horses to it's ranks since our last update, winning Sins Powell, an Austrian warmblood in a raffle and VNP Degemon Pride, another Dutch Warmblood in an auction. Both are four year old stallions who will join our dressage team soon, I will add them to the introduction post soon.
    We have also seen results back from two shows we entered, taking DPS Hazlenut Latte to a dressage show and SG Red Wings and Vallado AV Eloyard to an Eventing horse trials. None of the horses had much luck, Baron having the highest results, coming back with 6th place and 300$ in earnings. He now has a total of 74 points between his two disciplines of show jumping and eventing, tying him with Hazle for the most points at our barn.

  • 01.11.2018

    Liam had arrived late to the show grounds the day before his class with Hazle. It was one of his first shows without the whole gang there, Isabella and the girls to cheer him on but they were occupied at a show of their own, eventing on two of the farms other horses. He brushed the thought out of his head and opened the trailer door, the bay mare turning her head to look at him and snorting, blowing out a billow of steam. He smiled and quickly backed her out and into the show grounds. His mount seemed uneasy, which was unusual for her, she was usually a very confident horse but she also did hate to travel without any other horses. She'd simply have to rely on him for her companionship. Still, Liam was reluctant to go into their ride without getting her at least a little more confident and tomorrow the grounds would be bustling with people, horses, dogs, golf carts and whatever else you could think of to distract a horse. He decided it would be best to ride her today, get her settled a bit better.
    He was pleased with their ride when they left the arena, patting his mare's sweaty shoulder. It hadn't been an easy ride and he had to be constantly checking himself and his aids but when everything was right, the mare was moving spectacularly. Just when it was going wrong, well it was going really wrong. Tomorrow he just wouldn't let things go wrong. He had decided to let Hazle stretch her legs and calm her nerves on the trail and they were currently headed back towards the barn. Out of nowhere Liam felt a gust of wind billow towards him and before he knew what hit them, they were in a full blown blizzard. The wind swept up Hazle's mane in front of him and blew it in every direction, sending the mare snorting and pawing at the ground. He quickly urged her forward into a canter, finding the fence line and sticking to it, hoping they weren't too far from the barns, he certainly hadn't dressed for the weather. Hopefully this was the only bad luck they would have for the weekend. (Spoiler; it was not.)
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  • What a pretty mare :heart_eyes: the picture is so awesome :D a great edit ^.^ and the story is very good to read <3 I bet next time it will work out better for these two :smile:

  • Great story and beautiful picture. I hope Liam didn't caught a cold in the blizzard! :scream:

  • Beautiful picture, I love the snow :)

  • What a beautiful place you have <3

  • @Luna-Andrews
    Thank you so much, building it took forever. I must say that your facilities are just stunning, I wish I could build that well!! :heart:
    Thank you! I wasn't sure if I over did it with the snow or not haha, so I'm glad you liked it :kissing_smiling_eyes:
    Thank you so much!! I have been admiring your edits for so long on equus so it's an honour :scream: A cold would be an interesting story line hmmmmm.. you might have just inspired me haha :thinking:
    Thank you so much, she is becoming a favourite of mine for sure! :heart: I certainly hope it does since she doesn't have too much time left before I'll have to retire her and I'd love to get her one more title first! :fingers_crossed_tone1:

    We are currently going through a very cold spell so no new photos today but it is supposed to warm up tomorrow, so hopefully I can finally get the horses out again!

  • stunning edit!

  • Great story

  • Nice to see someone from Austria! :D
    I really love your buildings! They look like 100% real. I am seriously impressed!
    Greetings from Germany <3

  • love the editing! : )

  • Ah, i really like your scrapbook :heart: You present some beautiful pictures and the whole books seems like something "created with love", as we should say in Germany.

  • 01.15.2018

    As mentioned earlier, our stable had the pleasure of welcoming two new horses into our midst, VNP Degemon Pride, or Pridus as we have begun calling him, after a small town in Alberta where Liam's family was from, who was bought from @Darya-Macarova and Sins Powell, or Simon an Austrian Warmblood from @Serenity-Gwin. The two horses arrived three days ago, only a few hours apart and settled in quickly, taking to each other initially more than the other horses. We gave them the first few days to get to know them and allow them to settle in before taking them on their first ride, but today Liam and I took both young Stallions and saddled them up, prepared for whatever might happen.
    Just watching them in the field we had observed that Simon had the personality of a chestnut mare, quickly angered by the other horses and when we have brought him into the barn to his stall he does not take to his handlers well. My husband however never backed down from a challenge and mounted the chestnut Stallion with ease, not batting an eye as the horse pinned his ears. A quick nudge from his leg and they were walking along the rail, looking almost comfortable. Myself, I was still in awe of our new Dutch Warmblood, standing at 16.2 hh and with a stunning tobiano coat. You could tell that he knew of his impressive stature and appearance too, showing himself off in the pasture with rears and bucks in the pasture and always turning to look back at you if you watched him for too long. I didn't like to have favourites out of our horses but if he was as impressive in Dressage as his bloodlines promised, then I would be breaking my own rule and he would certainly be my favourite.
    With a deep breath, I hopped out of the black dressage saddle and swung the gate open, leading Simon out with Liam and Pridus following behind. The ride had been eventful, as rides typically were with young horses who were still learning but both horses showed clear promise in their paces. Simon was aggressive if I ever let Pridus get too close to him but otherwise the Stallion was calm for the most part with a very expressive trot and forward canter. His walk was still tense and he struggled to stretch forwards but those things were easy to work on. Our new Tobiano had less expressive paces but a very uphill canter, perfect for dressage. He was still growing into his tall stature and learning where to put his feet but he showed promise with some poll work during our ride, something which we will continue.
    The girls were at school during our ride, the first day back after a break so we didn't get any photographs of the ride but on the walk back from the arena to the barn we managed to get the two boys to stand still, still steaming and breathing heavy from their ride, and capture a quick shot. We cannot wait to see where the future will take these two!
    alt text

    Thank you so much, your edits are truly beautiful so it means a lot!
    Thanks! :smile:
    Thank you so much, that means a lot, I worked so hard on them! Technically I live in Canada, but I am Austrian and absolutely love it there! :heart:
    Thank you so much! :heart:
    Awe thank you so much, that is such a lovely comment! :heart:

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