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    It's a little redundant to say it's been a while again, since that is how I started my last post. This posting every few months thing seems to be becoming the norm around here. I'd like to say that's going to change but I really can't make any promises. I'll do my best though. Things have been quite at the barn, which is my main reason for lack of posting. We gave the horses some time off, and ourselves some time to re-evaluate the stable and be able to come back with fresh goals and ideas. Sometimes you have to remember the reason your doing this, which has always been for the horses. We are excited in this new year to bring the stable back into full swing and take the horses back into the show ring. Breeding has been put as a secondary priority for the moment as we want to be producing quality stock rather than quantity.

    These photos are a little old, but on today's freezing day, with the ice creeping into the windows and the horses all cuddled up in blankets(winter decided to come early in Kaunteral), I thought it fitting to remind us all that Spring and Summer are just around the corner. Who better to remind us than our very own Galileo's Summer's Fire, posing with our lovely TLM Cool Addition. The two show jumping mares have grown quite close and love to ham it up for the camera. Here they are posing in one of the paddocks in front of our home, and Summer makes sure we are always up bright and early with the feed or she screams at the gate. We love her and her fiery spirit none the less.

    Next we can see PCRA Moonshadow enjoying his retirement in one of our summer pastures. After reaching his last title we were thrilled to let the old Stallion hang up the dressage saddle and enjoy being a horse. The first few months he enjoyed to pasture but has recently gotten bored, weaving and racing the fence line so our youngest daughter has taken to barrel racing with him, just for fun. They're both still learning but I'll be sure to grab a picture or two next time of the Grand Prix dressage horse trotting around our little barrels.

    Following, we can see Ship Joy Doc and VNP Degemon Pride enjoying the summer sunshine. Diesel has developed the habit of sticking his nose straight up at the sun, almost like he's sun tanning. We had to start putting sunscreen on his nose this summer because his little snip was starting to burn. With him in the photo, we can see ARC Showstopper, our newest addition and another Quarter horse to add to our team, who will be getting his own feature very soon. Pridus tends to keep to himself in the herd and often wanders deep into the forest when he's put out on the large summer pasture, sometimes impossible to find. We had to move him into a paddock in August because catching him was just becoming such a hassel. Now he just keeps to himself in the corner. We are really hoping to find him a friend soon, as he just doesn't bond with any of the other horses.

    Finally, we can see one of our youngsters, WGE Rostizbach, although not so young anymore in his fifth year, enjoying a roll in the summer paddock. It seems so recently that he was just a homebred foal discovering the world. He has turned into a rather wild youngster, who loves to get himself dirty. Anyone planning to ride him has to reserve at least 45 minutes just to brush off whatever he dirtied himself with that day. None the less, he's one of the friendliest and most loved horses at the barn, taking after his mother in temperament and always craving for attention.

    I apologize for the novel, I'm sure no one cares as much about the mundane details of these horses lives as I do but if anyone made it through that whole word vomit, I appreciate it. I hope to be back with another post very soon, more chronological to the season, as well as update the horses profiles but we shall see. Thank you all for reading this, I appreciate all of you who still bother to check up on this irregular and boring blog haha :heartpulse:

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    Well would you look at that, I actually managed a post in a timely manner. I was hoping to get something up before the new year, so here we are. What better to bring in the new year than a few new faces? We have 4 new introductions for today, who have been in our stables for quite some time now but never got properly introduced on here. So without further ado;

    EVEC Nebel
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    This handsome KWPN stallion has become the pride and joy of the barn, out of our own KPE Liebling and by a stud we have long admired, SG Infernal Devices. He has already begun competing in Show Jumping and Show Hunters, acquiring points in both disciplines. His beautiful grey coat tends to draw attention wherever he goes.

    ARC Show Stopper
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    Although small, Topper is mighty and certainly will win you over with his adorable pink nose. We purchased him at an english style AQH auction a few months ago but have taken the time to get him into shape, as he was a little rusty, before registering him and are now going to begin competing him in Show Hunters and Jumpers in the new year. We look forward to seeing his capabilities in the ring.

    WGE Aquarelle
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    Elle is certainly our most flash horse at the moment and the first of our KWPN x AQH crosses. She is out of our own Galileo's Summer's Fire and by Vallado AV Eloyard. This bright and feisty mare has already begun competing in Eventing, getting close to her first title as well as Show Jumping. Although she does have a fiery side to her on jumping courses, this mare tends to be quiet in the pasture and an angel to groom and lead. Tacking up does tend to be another story though and she has picked up on some bad habits that we are trying to curb.

    WGE Krähe
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    This well built mare, another of our International Sport Horses is Kracker. She is out of Blackstone's Nikora and by our retired dressage stud PCRA Moonshadow. She competes solely in dressage and is only 3 points away from her first title. She has a much more uncertain disposition and tends to be spooky and can be aggressive when grooming and tacking up. We hope she mellows out with age but regardless she has proven herself well capable of living up to her sire and dam's capabilities in dressage.

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    Hello new year! We couldn't be more excited to see what 2019 has to bring, and so far, it is only good things. The horses have already had their first two competitions of the year, a Classical Dressage and Dressage show. We saw spectacular results in Dressage, specifically in a lot of our youngsters who are now all approaching titles quickly. We can only hope to see more of the same the rest of the year.

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    Of course the new year always starts off with dreary Winter and we can't help but get the Winter blues sometimes. Looking out to a pasture full of peaceful horses is always sure to bring some joy on the worst of days. Featured above is WGE Cognac, if you recognize her, she is all grown up now and has matured into a lovely and elegant mare.
    It was Late Afternoon when she was awaiting to be brought back into the stable and a colder day than usual. Awaiting might have been the wrong word however, for as soon as we brought out the halter she snorted and flashed us a swish of her tail. With that she was off, hooves flicking and knees high as she raised up clouds of snow. This proceeded for another hour. Eventually we decided to leave her be, if she wanted to freeze so bad, she might as well. We were inside, warm, when the snow started to fall. Frustratingly, I bundled back up and grabbed the halter.
    "You better be nice about this." I grumbled as I approached the young mare who was slowly becoming snow covered. She snorted. Her ears perked though when she noticed the bucket of grain. A few minutes later I had one happy mare in lead. Finally.

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    It was dawn. I yawned and stretched, opening my eyes to a dark room as I nudged Liam awake. Chores were the least enjoyable part of owning horses. Barely awake, I stumbled into my jacket, hat, mittens and threw on my boots, eyes still barely open. One more yawn and Liam and I were out the door. Chores sucked but the sunrises were worth it. Finally my eyes were actually open to see a gleaming sun and pale yellow sky rising over the mountains. I squeezed Liam hands softly and rested my head on his shoulder, taking a moment to appreciate the beauty.
    Summer was the one to break the moment, her annoying whinnying had begun. She really was a pain if you didn't feed her instantly. Sighing, I squeezed my husband's hand once more before trudging towards the mares pasture. Once Summer was sufficiently grazing, I took a moment to rest, leaning against the black fence and watching the horses. Hazle, Liam's favourite mare, and one of mine too, who had been with us since the beginning, was still peacefully sleeping. The mare was gaining in years now, heading into her teens and I looked forward to when I could reward her with a happy retirement. Liam and I were talking about breeding her again soon and selling the offspring as she neared her International Title. She was the best mom.
    Just then a flock of birds erupted from the tree tops, flitting away into the sky. They awakened both me and the mare. Me to get back to chores and Hazle for her breakfast. My stomach rumbled at the thought of breakfast and I took the new found motivation to finish quickly.

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    There was finally a warm day out and the horses sure were enjoying it. All day they ran up and down the fence line, prancing and kicking at each other, the air, the fence, whatever they could find. Although Spring was months away, you could feel it in the air just this one day. There was one however, who was not enjoying the sunshine, Silver. Our prime Showjumper had injured herself a few weeks prior in a tussle with Tabitha in the pasture. She'd been on stall rest for two weeks and now was confined to a small paddock. All day she paced up and down the fence line, longingly watching her previous playmates.
    In a spare moment I headed over to the fence line, calling over my Jumping partner. I did miss riding my fiesty mare.
    Hey pretty mare. Only two more days my dear. Then you can join them, as long as you're careful, can't have any more injuries. I scratched her forehead affectionately, sneaking her a piece of carrot. I know she couldn't wait until the two days were over and I was finding myself eager too. She was one of the most fun horses to jump.

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