[ENDS 01/14] Lusitano Raffle

  • Welcome to my very first raffle! I came up with the idea of creating some Lusitanos to promote the breed in the forum and maybe find some Lusitano breeders like me :slight_smile: Before entering the raffle please read the rules below ^^


    • Members can apply for every horse.
    • An active show home is not needed.
    • Horses are not registered on the main site and it is not a must to do so.
    • Please do not share this horses or use their conformation.
    • Shine and detail markings can be replaced and changed.
    • If you are missing any markings please contact me and I will help you find the missing ones.
    • Age is up to the new owner.
    • Horses will be send by email to the new owners


    Ufano PH

    alt text
    Ufano is a very brave sooty buckskin stallion but he is also very sweet. His ideal discipline would be working equitation or anything similar due to his personality and movements. This is a horse for experienced riders, he is a bit complicated horse under saddle but very respectful, He never bucks or rears when being ridden and he loves to be let free in the pastures or arena to run.

    Castizo PH

    alt text
    A gorgeus black stallion that would not hurt a fly. Castizo is the horse you would get for your little children, he is a very experienced horse, very calm and sweet under saddle despite his size. He is a dressage horse with lovely movements but also suited for ranch work. Castizo is an amazing horse that will never let you down.

    Galan PH

    alt text
    Galan loves being the center of attention, he love to show off in front of the mares and people. He is a palomino stallion with the perfect moves for dressage. He has been trained for it since we started riding him and ended up in a beautiful horse with wonderful movements. Very recommended horse for experienced dressage riders who want to bring a horse's career to the highest.

    If you want to see more pictures of the horses please check my album.

    Application form

    Your name:
    Horses (in order of preference):

  • Banned

    Your name: Hilda Preston
    Horses: Ufano PH, Galan PH, Castizo PH

  • Your name: Rachel Deacon
    Horses (in order of preference): Castizo PH, Galan PH

  • This post is deleted!

  • Your name: Jennifer Winchester
    Horses: Ufano PH, Galan PH

  • Your name: Lidija Rotherford
    Horses (in order of preference): Galan PH

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