[ENDED] KWPN Stallion || +7 Eventing, 11+ SJ

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    This auction will end on the 22nd of January. Any bids placed on the 22nd will turn auction for the horse into an ends 24hrs after last bid auction, so everyone gets the opportunity and doesn't miss out.


    • Please do not mass upload the horse.
    • Please keep my prefix SBS and do not change the name as it has been given out of reason.
    • If you wish to sell the horse in future, please let me know first as 90% of the time i will buy back.
    • Please do not alter coat or conformation. You may adjust shone markings to suite your HD mod, but thats as flexible as it gets. Mane and tail style may be changed, not the colour.
    • You may replace any missing white markings as this horse does not come with custom markings.
    • Active show homes only.
    • When registering them, please use my ID (8034).
    • If you have any concerns or questions, DM or PM me.


    SBS King Of Hearts

    Black Dutch Warmblood Stallion

    11+ Show Jumping
    7+ Eventing

    Pedigree Found Here || Mainsite

    alt text
    Other Images

    King is a stunning horse. Although he will catch peoples eyes in the field or show ring, he is not one to be treated lightly. King is a strong paced and forward moving horse, being said, King would acquire an experienced rider. With great blood in his genes, we are happily certain King will strive in both his disciplines, at no matter what stakes. Also best to not walk out in the paddock with a bag, he will instantly search you for food otherwise.

    Starting bid for SBS King Of Hearts is $20,000.

    Minimum bid increase is $1,000. There is no maximum bid increase, and there is no autobuy.


    Happy Bidding :heart:


    Member Bid
    Rachel Deacon $31,000

  • SB! He's adorable :)

  • $21,000 :hear_no_evil:

  • Administrators

    $30,000 :D

  • All accepted. Leading bid updated :heart:

  • Get your bids in! Auction ends tomorrow! :smile:

  • 31 000! I can't resist a handsome boy like that!

  • Accpeted!

    And thats it! This auction is now closed, congratulations @Rachel-Deacon as you have won SBS King Of Hearts! Please send over money and ill send over files :heart:

    Thank you all for participating :smile:

  • Ahh! Thank you! Payment has been sent :)

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