Can't to Link Documents for Elsie's Stable Manager

  • Has anyone else had an issue with linking their main document and back end document? I keep getting an import internal error and I can't figure out what the problem is.

  • Administrators

    'import internal error' is docs shorthand for 'problem with sheets itself, not a formula'.
    My experience with this error is that it usually can't be fixed by us (the users) since it's a problem with the google service itself, and therefore in the realm of the google developers.

    I suggest deleting your current sheets and making new ones, sorry for the hassle!

  • @Elsie-Spectre I was wondering if it was something like that. I’ll just try it again then. Thank you!

  • I was having the same issue. I'll give what's said here a shot!

  • Administrators

    If you persistently get this issue then it might be worth double checking that you're pasting the docID & only the docID as per setup instructions. In the past people have posted incomplete docIDs or docIDs with extra characters, and have struggled.

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