[Sold] Glenn Hollow Estate

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    Glenn Hollow is a custom edit of a public CAW world, which I believe was originally this one by (sub)urban simblr. My intention was to make this a world for Oceanside but my ideas for the world never came together fully and so I have decided that it should find a home with someone else.

    The world comes with:
    CAW Files
    Game Save Files
    Arena Lot
    Hunter Lot
    Foaling Barn
    Home Lot

    The word has CAW fences pastures with a fenced walkway around the backside of the property. I have lost some of the CC that was used in the construction of the lots and that has affected the foaling barn, hunter arena and possibly the house. Purchaser will be expected to furnish all lots to their taste and discretion and to replace any missing CC with CC of their choosing.

    In the photos, the concrete walkways, which are painted in CAW, are seen as white. I attempted to use the winter season however my game never produced snow! Instead, it frosted over all of the walkways and stable lots.

    This is a project world which is not complete, I will not be providing CC support or CAW support for this world or the stable lots.

    Starting bid: $70,000k
    Min Increase: $2,000k
    No Autobuy

  • Competition Committee

    SB please!

  • Accepted ❤️

  • @Heather-Tann sold! I'll contact you on slack about files :D

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