Mountain View Stables *No comments please*

  • Welcome to Mountain View Stables Blog! I'm not so active on here and hoping to start this year. I am constantly moving in game so I do have some photos to post.
    I started this stable back in 2013 I believe? Never really getting into the whole completion thing, Hoping to change it this year.

    English Horses

    Horse Breed
    CRS You Only Live Twice Hanoverian
    SHS Chase Me Charlie Hanoverian
    SVEC Jolly Rancher Connemara
    MTV Kentucky Fireball American Paint Horse

    Western Horses

    Horse Breed
    VL Speed Demon Appaloosa
    RL Gun Dust American Paint Horse
    RL Runnin' For Miles American Paint Horse
    RL Winchester Royal American Paint Horse
    RL Zippin' Cochise Appaloosa
    MTV Pull The Trigger American Quarter Horse
    R66 Sheza Diva American Quarter Horse
    OCS A Spark Of Sugar American Paint Horse
    OCS Rockaby Babe American Quarter Horse

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