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    Dawn of the Skylarks

    feel free to read the following role play and follow along as the story unfolds. Silver Lining Stables and many other places across Japan have suffered some devastating earthquakes throughout history. During one such earthquake, Silver Lining Stables suffered some major damages that required a lot of rebuilding and some horses that disappeared. All the horses were recovered, but one didn't return the way she left. After being passed from hand to hand, being tied up in paperwork and stuck in government customs, Dawn of the Skylarks, or just Dawn, returned a wild and frightened horse. Uncommon for a gypsy vanner, no one can touch the vanner, be near her, let alone lead her. Even her one-time horse friends can't be near her anymore. She now lives her days alone in a paddock to herself. Yu-Mi Shimizu and a friend she had made sales with before @Nebriniel-Saralonde started talking. She might have a solution in the form of a student how wanted to give it a shot and see if she could bring the mare back around again.
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    Alex glanced at his long time friend Kouichi in the seat beside him as they road along the highway. Heading into Tokyo where a young miss would be arriving from the states at Tokyo's Narita Airport to help them with a troubled mare. It was a ways away from home in Shizuoka Prefecture. Home, to those outside of japan, was Silver Lining Stables, Umagoya Kibo no Hikari to those that lived here.

    “You know you didn't have to bring me right?” Alex commented to Kouichi, glancing at him. “I don't socialize well,” Kouichi responded. “My sister insisted I had to go though, she wanted the Miss to feel comfortable, and we are the only two who lived in the States,”

    “That she did, I also think she just wanted to get you out of the house and her hair,” Alex chuckled and received a punch in the shoulder from the smaller Japanese man.

    Alex was 6' foot Cherokee half Caucasian man with back length black hair he kept braided tightly. He grew up as Kouichi's best friend in the states and even enlisted in the military with him. Kouichi later moved to Japan to live with his younger sister and help her run the growing stables. Alex followed a little later when Kouichi told him that Yu-Mi was looking for someone more familiar with western styled riding. Kouichi was a Half Japanese half Caucasian man, probably about 5'7” with shaggy brown hair and black colored eyes. He always had this expression like he was lost in thought and was generally more quiet then what most would consider normal.

    They pulled into the parking lot of the airport, while Alex found a parking spot Kouichi had twisted around to the backseat of the truck and fished around the supplies and tools that were left in the back. Making sure a space was still clear for the coming passenger he pulled out the obnoxiously glittery sign that Yu-Mi Shimizu, current owner of Silver Lining Stables and Kouichi's sister, had made with the miss's name.

    “Did she really have to bedazzle it?” Alex asked as he pulled into a spot and started to get out the truck, “I've learned not to question it, Just like, why does she climb on top our roof to watch the horses training in the paddock just across the way, when it's easier to walk there?”

    They made there way inside, passing security checkpoints and the hundreds of people that were making there way in and out of the massive airport. There were hundreds of people of all walks of life coming and going. The building itself was very organized as well and many helpful staff that made sure everything would go smoothly for the guests arriving to Japan. Kouichi kept the sparkly sign tucked under his arm while he and Alex made there way towards the baggage claim where they would most likely sight the young woman there. Standing near the exit Kouichi with a dead pan face stood off to the side, being sure not to block the traffic of people coming and going, held the bright neon pink glittered sign as high as possible in the air. The oddest thing for most of the people walking by, especially in Japan. But nothing about Silver Lining was normal to Japan. They had horses that could star in shampoo commercials afterall.

  • Jade uneasily walked off of the jetway and let out a bit of a relieved sigh when her feet finally touched solid ground. It felt like forever since she had been able to feel the ground underneath her. First, she had had an almost three hours trip from Panaca, where she currently lived, to Las Vegas, where she had boarded her plane at the McCarran International Airport. Then, she had been subjected to a twelve hour flight in which she had been "graciously" seated next to a woman with her young child. It was his first plane trip. For twelve hours. All the way to Japan.

    Needless to say, she was glad to be off the flying torture device even though she was now facing another car ride. Hopefully it wasn't too long, but she didn't want to get her hopes up just to have them crushed. "All right. I need to get my luggage before that mini human finds me and wants to tell me more about how he knows everything and is the smartest in his class," she said to herself with a slight scoff following afterwards. It wasn't that she disliked kids, but she had never been around them and had no idea as to how to interact with them. It's not like you can just have a normal intellectual conversation, right? With that thought in mind, she began to walk briskly away from the exit/entrance, making sure to keep her eyes on the signs as she went. Otherwise she would get miserably lost in a mere millisecond.

    荷物 | Baggage

    Ahh! There it was, finally! The Japanese had thrown her off for a second, but she quickly veered right so that she could slip in through the people now flooding into the baggage area. It seemed that every plane in the airport had managed to all land at the same time. That's how it felt, at least. She made her way through to the front of the crowd and glanced down at her watch, foot tapping a bit impatiently as she waited for her own luggage to appear from the "dark unknown" that was the beginning of the conveyor belt. She knew that her picker-uppers would probably be here by now, and she didn't want to make a bad first impression by making them wait an incredulous amount of time just for her suitcase to appear. She stood still for a moment and then a familiar, high pitched voice rang in her ear. It was the small human ad he was reaching for their own luggage. Great! That meant her own bags would be appearing in no time at all; and, as if on cue, she saw the medium sized horse printed suitcase appear and head towards her. When it finally reached her, she grabbed it up quickly and began to look around for her retrievers. It didn't take long to find the neon pink sign and she made her way over to it.

    "Well, that's one way to never get lost," she commented with a bit of a smirk as she stopped in front of the two men.

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