Foxhill Farm ♦ Hyrule KN {2/6}

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    Welcome to Our Slice of Heaven, located in the rolling hills of North Carolina. Please Enjoy your time at our cozy facility!


    Foxhill Farm is a private boarding and training facility located on the East Coast of the United States. Founded by owner and rider Diane Dalhouse, in 2008, the property was newly redone to ensure maximum comfort for both rider/owner and their four legged friend. As a smaller facility we are able to ensure that each horse has its needs personally catered too, including diet, training and relaxation. You will find no stone unturned at our state of the art facility.


    Contact - Diane Dalhouse
    Location - North Carolina
    Visitation - 9am - 8pm
    Capacity - 14 Stalled Horses, 5 Outdoor


    • Breeding
    • Boarding
    • Training
    • Lessons


    Foxhill Farm is located on the East Coast of the United States, in North Carolina. Our Facility gives us close access to participate in Tryon Shows, as well as WEF during the Winter. The property itself is situated in the rolling hills, on 30+ acres, it has close trails for you and your horse as well as access to the lake for hot summer days. On the property we have one barn, outfitted with a heated tack room with tack lockers, a feed room, washer and dryer, and 2 wash/groom stalls. Diane's office is also located in the barn for easier accessibility as well as the benefit for her to run the facility and teach. We have 14 12X10 stalls with comfort mats, watering system and a window, we also have 2 stallion/broodmare stalls so as not to interfere with other horses/boarders in the barn. The property also has outdoor amenities such as a round pen, and outdoor arena and an indoor arena, which is used during the cooler/rainy days. Owner lives close to property so you never have to worry about your horses security or health.

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    Name Job Horses
    Diane Dalhouse Owner/Trainer Cloud Nine, FHF Skinny Love, FHF Theodore
    Jenny Blades Boarder/Photographer Lowkey, Bad N' Boogee
    Noah Hamell Boarder/Trainer Dy'r Mak'r
    Wyatt Adams Boarder Solana, ZaCantos
    Nicole Adams Boarder Brunswick
    Kaitlyn Bradley Rider/Leasee Leases Teddie
    Maddlyn Reid Rider Starstruck

  • 0_1515461131844_horse.png
    Horse Stable Name Breed Sex Discipline Colour
    Cloud Nine Cee Hanoverian Gelding Hunter/Derby Dappled Grey
    FHF Skinny Love Birdy KWPN Mare Jumpers Dappled Grey
    FHF Theodore Teddie Hanoverian Gelding Hunter/Derby Chestnut
    LowKey Loki KWPN/Paint Gelding Jumpers Bay Paint
    Solana Sunny KWPN Mare Hunter/Derby Palomino
    Brunswick Bruno Oldenburg Gelding Hunters Bay
    ZaCantos Cantos Trakehner Gelding Jumper Bay
    Starstruck Star Welsh Pony Mare Hunters Chestnut Roan
    Dy'r Mak'r Zepplin Holsteiner Stallion Derby/Jumper Black
    Bad N' Boogee Boo KWPN Mare Jumpers Black

  • This is beautiful!! May I ask where you got the foxhill sign (both inside and outside)?

  • @Vanessa-Hutchinson Both of the designs were meshes that I redid to fit my barn. I for the life of me can't remember where I got the indoor sign, but can send you my edited file if you are good with TSR then you can edit it in there. The outdoor sign came from tumblr I think.... I really can't remember, but again I have my edited meshes that I can send you if you would like? You'll just have to edit them in TSR yourself.

  • @Jenny-Blades That would be awesome!! I'll PM you!

  • Your stable looks like an absolute dream! I can't wait to see more of your horses and riders!

  • Beautiful colour palette for your stable!

  • Beautiful stable! Your pictures are so crisp and clean!

  • 0_1515658868191_theodore.png

    How cute is this boy?!!! We are working on a brand new website for the barn, and one of the big projects I am tasked with is new passport photos for all the pons! I didn't want to put in the time and effort of cleaning 12 horses without getting an idea shot first, so I grabbed this cutie to do some practice shots with. I really like how this shot has turned out so I think I will go ahead and do some more, hopefully everyone is as good as Teddie was, but doubtful!

    A little about Teddie while this photo is up, he is one of Diane's homebred horses, with amazing German Hanoverian Bloodlines, he was trained to be a derby horse and has competed in large competitions winning many championships for Diane. He was slightly injured last year, so he was put on stall rest and has recovered nicely. He still has the drive and passion to be in the ring, but Diane thought it best he step down from the big derbies. Look out for him with Kaitlyn as she makes her debut in the 3ft - 3'3ft ring this upcoming year. Also he is one of the sweetest boys and is basically a moving couch! Love him to bits :heart:


  • It's so nice to see an "oldie" getting back! :D makes me feel less awkward for still being around

    I really like the look of your facilities, please tell me you will do a proper walk through later on? :wink: I hope Teddie's comeback will be successful!

  • @Merida-Dahmer said in Foxhill Farm ♦ Oh Theodore {1/12}:

    It's so nice to see an "oldie" getting back! :D makes me feel less awkward for still being around

    I really like the look of your facilities, please tell me you will do a proper walk through later on? :wink: I hope Teddie's comeback will be successful!

    IKR. You and I are like as old as dirt when it comes to Equus XD

  • @Neeve-Kalford: Thanks :) I like how it turned out!
    @Merida-Dahmer: haha I know I've been here for like ever! And of course! I'm trying to get some good ideas, maybe a story to go along with a barn tour! But you will definitely see more facility! And me too! He is one of my fav horse characters!
    @Breanna-Fahnestock: Throw me in with that old as dirt, I wasn't as active before but I've always been lurking in the shadows. that's not creepy lol

  • Theodor is such a stunning horse so great

  • 0_1516325078544_birdytopic.png

    Continuing with my adventure in photographing the horses of Foxhill Farm, here is one of my favourite mares! FHF Skinny Love is a super awesome home bred mare that was Owner Diane's first Grand Prix horse, we have had her for many years and she is just a fun, easy going, non mareish mare. She can get strong when in the ring, put she is very fast and a careful jumper, we are debating about breeding her this year and letting her take a break from competitions or competing with her and breeding her later. (I just want a baby, and she throws gorgeous foals.) If breeding, would love to look at some options with great pedigrees (send ya boys :smirk: )

  • Wow she is stunning! I love how simplistic your style is! :blush: none of my boys have enough points to breed yet but if you’re looking in a few months or so haha

  • Such a beautiful girl she is!

  • if ever you are interested I have a good jumper name is SANDRO

  • PR Committee

    Loving everything about your stable and horses so far! The decor, the palette, it's so clean and modern but not over dressy! I love the photographer's perspective too and all the little details you add about the horses! I'd like to see Zepplin in this album too! His name has already caught my attention! I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan!!

  • I had to stop myself from going "Mmm, sleek" out loud when I saw your logo. Everything is so sharp and classy! Theodore is adorable, I can't wait to meet all your horses

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