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  • Name Age Nationality Role
    Gaïa Nollick 26 y/o Manx Owner & Rider
    Kameron Wildan 28 y/o French Rider
    Naalan Crackers 31 y/o Manx Manager
    Unélia Belford 20 y/o Austrialian Rider

  • Name Age Breed Coat 1st Discipline 2nd Discipline Rider
    Valéo 5 y/o Belgian Warmblood Bay Jumping Halter Gaïa Nollick
    EEF Zaphyra 3 y/o French Trotter Chestnut Dressage TREC Gaïa Nollick
    EEF Sakura 4 y/o French Trotter Black Eventing Horse Ball Unélia Belford
    CPF Gashyr 5 y/o Kabarda Black Endurance TREC Kameron Wildan
    ESS Khan 10 y/o Trakehner Black Tobiano Dressage Halter Gaïa Nollick
    HDE Achwak 9 y/o Polish Arabian Metallic Gray TREC Halter Unélia Belford
    EEF Kalabraskï 2 y/o Warmblood Birdcatcher spots Amber Champagne Jumping Eventing ?

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    Name Age Coat 1st Discipline 2nd Discipline Rider
    Elmint's Vol au Vent 3 y/o Light Bay Jumping Halter Teagan Delmac

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    Name Age Coat 1st Discipline 2nd Discipline Rider
    Elmint's Vallée 5 y/o Dark Bay Dressage ?? Emalia Lartin

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    Name Age Coat 1st Discipline 2nd Discipline Rider
    Elmint's Charlie 3 y/o Pie Tobiano Dapple Grey Eventing ?? Laura Delorme

  • {Janvier 2018}

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    Gaia breathes and focuses on the course to be done. Inspire. Expire. And get started. The young french trotter was a little nervous, shaking her head from side to side, savoring the tortuous pleasure of waiting on her side. The passage of the last competitor finished, Gaia puts a pressure and the mare rushes to pace. One step after another, the adrenaline starts to rise slowly. A smile stretches on the lips of the young rider who, happy with his horse, begins to appreciate his passage. At the time of the gallop, Gaia feels the horse somewhat excited that leaves without the slightest effort from the girl. The end of the course rings and the pressure falls. The result is at the rendezvous. The couple arrived first in the training category.

  • congratulations for this first show and especially this first place :) it was worth the cost of a good stress. Nice picture. beautiful mare too

  • @Nina-Ricchi Thanks you Nina, and yes, she is beautiful mare :3

  • {Janvier 2018}

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    The dark bay mare is Elmint's Vallée; a selle français mare, 3rd generation. The pie tobiano dapple grey mare is Elmint's Charlie; an another selle français mare. They have, respectively, 5 and 3 years old.

  • Oooh she have too cute.
    i love Vallée she's beautiful very cute but Charlie is too cute but i prefere Vallée

  • @Nina-Ricchi Thanks you :3 Vallée is my little baby :3

  • {Janvier, 30}

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    She's the filly of Valéo (boy of Sandro and Belladonna) and Zaphyra (girl of EEF Onyx and EEF Phyrla). Wearing a beautiful birdcatcher spot amber champagne, Kala' have bad caracter like her mother; Zaphyra. She was born of the crossbreeding between Belgian Warmblood (25% blood of selle français and 50% blood of BWP) and a french trotter. Today, Gaïa decides to meet Kala and her father. In the round of loin, Valéo approachs his daughter, but the latter is not happy to meet him. She lowers her ears, showing a bad behavior, see aggressive.

  • AhAH no... Poor Val :) his daughter is really not nice, what a dirty character !! however she is very pretty I hope she will become wiser by growing up but she's very cute :)

  • How nasty is that little mare haha poor daddy

  • @Nina-Ricchi We hope, we hope x)

    @Mathilde-Dahler Ahah, yes, but Valéo doesn't to care :p

  • I never knew French Trotters could be so good in dressage and in appearance!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford ahah. But yes, trench trotter are good horses in all disciplines :) (I know a two french trotter reform races) ^^

  • **{Mars 8}

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    Kameron Wildan & CPF Gashyr

    Landscapes was verdant and illuminated by the intense sun rays. Gashyr was very calm and listening, watching the space around him. His rider had took of pleasure to do this turn. The light and the fresh heat of the sun was at appointment, keeping the couple in calm. Stallion troted peacefully along of grassy hill, leading at a luxuriant forest. A pressure and Gashyr was gone at gallop after, after recovering from this mild trotting. The couple are arrived in 5th position in our start group.

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