[WINNERS posted] German Riding Pony Society Promo Raffle #1

  • Development Committee

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    Welcome to the first promotional raffle for the German Riding Pony Society! We are here to offer two stunning ponies this time around, created by our lovely founder, Emilia Gardner!

    Raffle Ends January 20, 2018

    Raffle Terms:

    • You may apply for both, but you can only win one pony.
    • Disciplines may be changed.
    • Ponies are not required to be registered in our stud book, but it's strongly encouraged!

    Emilia's Terms:

    • Do not claim as your own.
    • The markings belong to the pony only, they are not to be used on any other horse.
    • Keep the ponies as active as you can. If something happens, please contact Emilia about sending them back or working something out.
    • Love your pony!

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    Main Site Profile Seal Bay Tobiano Mare Registered in Pony Dressage Custom Markings

    alt text
    Main Site Profile Buckskin Roan Stallion Registered in Pony Dressage Custom Markings

    alt text

  • I had to apply for both of them. They're gorgeous! My highlands need a little help to keep the bigger horses in check :p

  • I apply for Kobold GV! What a pretty little Prince :heart_eyes:

  • Development Committee

    The winners have been chosen!

    Congratualtions to @Callixta-Rosella on winning Kobold GV!

    Congratulations @Levi-Rosenthal on winning Ravenna GV!

    Raw list and randomization info

    You will receive your ponies shortly to the provided contact information.

  • Wow, I can't believe I was this lucky ! Thanks a lot for this raffle and that pretty gift ♥

  • PR Committee

    Thank you so much, so excited to add another gorgeous pony to my stable <3

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