• Name: Berlin-Brandenburg

    History: This breed originates from the famous Neustadt-Dosse stud. While horse breeding has been recorded in the Brandenburg region since the 15th century, the modern Berlin-Brandenburg was developed during the mid 20th century using Trakehners (especially from the Russian strain), Thoroughbreds and Hanoverians. The Berlin-Brandenburg is best known for its elegant Trakehner-influenced mare band, the most famous family being the ‘P’ family, who has produced such horses as the World Champion Poetin and her full brothers the Samba Hits, as well as Belantis, who had much success as a young horse.

    Base: Black, bay, chestnut, seal brown,
    Modifiers: Flaxen, sooty
    White markings: Min sabino/white spotting
    Appaloosa: No
    Grey: Yes
    Rare: None
    Permitted outcross: Most WBFSH studbook members are permitted if realistic including Thoroughbred, Arabian, and Anglo-Arabian.

    Famous horses (Pictures found on profile):
    Belantis DPS Successful dressage horse.
    Poetin I Double dressage world champion.
    Quaterback Well-known dressage sire. High white is indicative of sabino (I think), likely from second damsire Brentano II. Benicio, whose grandsire Beltain is closely related to Brentano II (same sires; their dams are full sisters), also demonstrates sabino.
    Samba Hit Dressage sire.
    Quicksilber Show jumping champion.

    Colors have been modeled off the other warmblood breeds (Trak/Hann/Old), as there is frequent outcrossing between them.

    Discipline levels should probably be the same as the other warmbloods; dressage level 10, SJ level 10, eventing level 10.

    Thanks for looking! <3

  • Conveying a message from BC Director: Approved :) Breed will be added to registration in the next few days.

  • Yaay!! Thank you <3

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