I'm back *peeks head around corner*

  • Ok, so first of all hi everyone! :wave_tone3:
    Some of you might still know me (but I assume no one does since it's been a long long time), but for those who don't I'll shortly introduce myself. Here at equus I play as Shea Hamilton, but my real name is Jildau (people usually call me Jill since Frisian names are difficult) so feel free to use that as well. :slight_smile:

    So, about Equus. I've been gone for way too long and I recently started getting active over at Equus-Sims and then I remembered I had been active here too. So yeh, I kninda try to come back and ge everything from Iron Crest back together :smile:

    So that's basicly it, thanks for reading this, if you did and happy simming!

  • Banned

    I don‘t know you, but welcome back! <3

  • Administrators

    Welcome back! time to round up the pons and get back into it :D

  • Well I remember you :D Welcome!

  • Hello! :D
    Where are you from and which horses do you breed? ^^

  • I'm from the Netherlands :) As a Dutchie I obviously focus on Dutch warmbloods, but I also breed and compete Haflingers

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