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  • Growing up making friends

    The little ones always seem to grow up so fast. This year's foal crop is already growing and spending their days together in the pastures without their dams. The girls and I spend a lot of time around their pastures to already bond with them. Especially Jill has come a long way already with her new friend, IRCE Salinole. The two of them already seem to get along very well!

    alt text

  • Unbelievable horse :)

  • @Ian-Salvatore Thank you <3 Alina really stands out from the rest with her behaviour and interest towards humans. The others are still behaving like all youngsters, playing and messing arround in the pastures :sweat_smile: :racehorse:

  • wow it looks so real ♥

  • It's a bittersweet feeling seing your babies growing up <3 You kind off want them to be babies forever but at the same time you want to see them grow up and develop <3

  • Playing with the boys

    First of all, appologies for the horrible Top Gun refference :airplane_small: But how this resembles what we've seen today I could not let this oppertunity slip :joy: Our two colts share the pastures together for a while now and their friendship really spraks. IRCE Macister and IRCE Ernastrin are having lots of pasture play time together and seem to enjoy spending their time together.

    alt text

    @Anna-Winters thank you so much! <3 It's a really big compliment to me! :smile:
    @Therese-Lind It really is! Especially this year, the foals are all offspring to mares we've seen growing up from the start of our center. They, and the offspring, hold a very special place in our hearts and we can't wait to see where the future brings them! <3

  • Wha!
    They look awesome! That energy is frickin amazing! Can't wait to see more of them.♥

  • @Ivan-Kanerva thank you so much! <3 The boys grow up so fast though they're still as playful as they were as foals! :heart_eyes:

  • Going out

    With the forrest nearby we like to take our horses out for a ride every once in a while, especially the horses in our eventing team. Today our new trainer Jess Parson took out IRCE Sterling Summit for a ride. As Bree, Claire, Jill and Micha are having their hands full with the youngsters lately we hired Jess to join our team and take some pressure of the rest of us. Jess will step in when we're too busy with the other horses for training. Maybe soon she'll also take some horses out to show!

    alt text

  • Do you still have that Perlino Tobiano (or whatever her colour is called)? :D She is stunning! <3

  • Look at his size!

    He's a big monster of a two-year-old who we expect to grow over 17 hh! One of two babies we haven't introduced yet is IRCE Palfrenier, a Dutch warmblood colt out of IRCE Sterling Summit and Palatino Apollo RC. We were a bit surprised during his birth as Palfrenier turned out to be a chestnut out of two black horses, he did however inherit his dam's lovely genes for tobiano, even though it's very minimal, and we slowly start to see him greying as well! As she has worked with his dam, Jess is taking care of Palfrenier as well untill he's ready for a rider. They are already making big steps and he's slowly but surely getting used to wearing a bridle

    alt text

    @Regina-Walker Yes, we still have her around! I barely have time to show of all my horses, and I lost her file :blush:

  • Greeeey! :D

  • @Regina-Walker I personally am super happy he started greying! We have only a few grey horses around here, (5 I think?) so one more is very nice :heart:

  • Climbing up

    We remember him as a very stubborn and hard to ride horse, as time has passed by this changed however. IRCE Cernunnos has made some big improvements while climbing up the ladder in his career. Uno changed from a wild youngster to a very thrustworthy learning horse, hence we suggested Jess taking him into the ring to get to know dressage a bit better. Leeann gave Jess a quick riding lesson and she seems to be a natural!

    alt text

  • oh what a beautiful picture!

  • Uno looks great! It's funny to see how youngsters go from absolute terrors to sane functioning horses, haha!

  • A new line

    Our youngsters from last summer are ready to start working with. The young ones are being prepared to start competing soon and establishing the new line for future generations. One of the youngsters who's really stood out to us is IRCE Salinole. At birth she was special and growing up she developed a very special bond with Jildau from the day they met. Their love and liking towards eachother really showed during breaking and continues to show now during short basic training sessions. Jill and Alina find great joy in working together, which this moment before warming-up really captures.

    alt text


    @Siri-Kane thank you so much! <3 I'm always trying my best with my pictures and I'm really happy when it shows to others too.

    @Marquis-Moulin He really turned into a great horse! Most of our horses don't change that much during training unfortunately haha. We're surprised his offspring hasn't taken on this behaviour, Salinole is his first offspring and she seems to be the total opposite :smile:

  • What a beautiful horse! Her coat is amazing :heart_eyes:

  • Nice one! :D

  • Double days

    Some days, are those days that go obivously well or obviously wrong. Today it's somewhere in between. One of our beloved mares is leaving us and is moving to a new place. IRCE Delicate Rose is leaving today towards English Yew Equine Center owned by @Marquis-Moulin. Jaki, who's taken care of Rose for a long while now is comming with me to bring her to EYEC and say her last goodbyes. We're all very sure Rose will find a nice place and are excited to see her perform under different colours.

    alt text

    What today made a double day however is the fact we're working with our new line of horses! One of these horses, whom has never been introduced, is IRCE Nurmerion. This cremello stallion is sired by @Lidija-Rotherford's stallion RFE Nurmengard, out of Honeybrook Fogueira who we bought from @Callixta-Rosella. Nurmerion will be competing in eventing, with his basics looking really good already we let Jess take on his jumping practice. As Jess has proven she can work with horses, she has to learn to manage the young ones because she soon will have a horse of her own to work with as well!

    alt text


    @Ashton-Mills thank you so much! <3 We're super excited to start showing her, Alina seems to be a very gentel and well behaved horse, especially towards her rider and close friend.

    @Regina-Walker thank you Regina. Alina is a real sweet heart and seems to be the perfect youngster to work with! :smile:

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