Iron Crest/Ashrokh Stud || IRCE Phocas || 1/12/'18 || Comments welcome

  • I don't comment a lot because I have a hard time expressing myself but every time you post a picture, I return to your album to admire and upvote it :smile: I like your style a lot. There's just enough in your pictures, it's about the horses and not anything unnecessary.

  • She's absolutely gorgeous! :heart:

  • @Luke-Alhmann Thank you very much! <3 We're super excited to have her around and can't wait what the future brings for her. She's very energetic so we hope she'll do great in Endurance competitions!

    @Celia-Acosta Aah thank you so much! <3 :heart_eyes: I've been struggling a lot with that tail and I'm still not that pleased haha. I guess practice is the thing I need some more of. And I've seen your tails, they all look so soft! :kissing_heart:

    @Alexander-Westerberg I really know how you feel, haha. I handle it like that myself as well <3 Thank you so much for the incredible nice comment! I've never expected I would leave people not knowing what to say with my posts. This really warms my heart!

    @Annalena-Voigt Thank you so much Annalena <3 I think everything I mentioned before to the others also goes for your reply!

    Comments like all of yours really give me some motivation to keep my stuff here on Equus alive more! <3 :kiss: :hugging:

  • Wow! She is so so gorgeous :)

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld thank you so much! <3

    IRCE Phocas

    Moving back to Iron Crest, the weather is getting cold and rainy. Instead of training today, we took IRCE Phocas inside to the indoor arena. Phocas is one of our promissing show jumping prospects and slowly finding his place in the show ring and has already gathered a nice amount of points in his short career.

    alt text

  • Oh Phocas is stunning :D which breed does he belong too?

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld thank you so much Claire! :heart: He's a Dutch Warmblood stallion, like the majority of the horses I have :smile:

  • He’s got a beautiful coat. Sure he will be a good chapion guy. Looks soo dinamic :cloud_tornado:

  • @Vera-Alvarez thank you so much! <3 Phocas has been the last foal of a very talented show jumping mare we sold a long whila ago. Being a half brother to another one of our succesfull stallions we've got great expectations of him! :D

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