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  • @Jade-Nguyen Thank you so much <3

    @Isabella-Khrazenzia Aah, thank you so much! <3 I'm a bit of a sucker for your horses too

    @Kia-Williams He has sired two nice foals for us at Iron Crest already! Ever since we bought him he's been a great addition to our center! :smile:

    @Dawn-Austen Thank you Dawn! <3 I love to see the big ones around, even though she knows she's a big girl Chic is still very gentel at times but also takes advantages of her size for sure

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld thank you so much Claire! I better keep her locked away savely then and sleep near her stall to make sure she stays here :eyes:

  • I love your Arabian, the coat is so dark and mysterious along with that bright white blaze! Just a lovely atmosphere too!

  • @Alex-Richards Thank you so much! She really is a looker, and we absolutely adore her. We're super excited to see where the future brings her!

    Expanding & the young one

    Iron Crest is run by a close group of giggling, chaotic but most off all fun group of young woman with lots of potential. Due to new regulations in showing, we had to made the desicion to expand this close group of ours. The amount of horses we train every day called for recruitment of 4 new additions. Even though we're still in search of 3 more fun and chaotic colleagues, we've already welcomed one amazingly talented girl to our gang! Meet Alexandra Wolff.

    Alexandra is the newest addition to our riding and training team. With 34 years, she's the oldest of us all but she deffinitely does not behave like that! Alex, as she likes to be called, has a long history in training and competing horses in various disciplines. Competing on high leves makes her a great addition to our team, together with lots of experiance with breaking in and competing young horses. Alex has represented the Netherlands in international shows, visiting Germany, the USA, Canada and various other smaller countries. For us, Alex will start as an alround rider and is currently responsible for 4 of our horses; Honeybrook Stormageddon, IRCE Spitfire, IRCE Lancaster and IRCE Couirsica.
    alt text

    As Alex is responsible for our youngest mare IRCE Couirsica, Chic was the first horse she started working with. I recently broke Chic in, now it's time for Alex to get her going and showing. As mentioned, Chic is a massive mare who likes to take advantage of her size and with Alex being not that big Chic knows what to do! "You can't catch me! I don't want to work today!"
    alt text
    But, being the patient and experianced equestrian Alexandra is, and with a few treats, she managed to get Chich ready for a short ride out and getting to know her new mount a bit better.
    alt text

  • An addition to Alex and Chic

    alt text
    Chic does not appreciate spray bottles, even though it's for her own sake. The bottle is sacrier than those pesky flies!
    alt text
    'What are you doing! You'll squeeze me in half tightening that girth!' Alexandra will have her hands full with this ornery mare!

  • She is super cute ... I like her face 😍

  • I love the every-day / story charm you are giving us with Chic! That last pic of her is so great, like "what are you even doing human?" Love it :heart: :laughing:

  • @Katherine-Star-Ackles thank you so much! <3 Chic is a real lady and will let you know if you're doing something wrong for sure. It's her way, or not at all!

    @Annalena-Voigt Aah thank you Annalena <3 :heart_eyes: I kind of enjoy that more then only training pictures and everything being perfect. Some horses just aren't all that perfect, or at least like it seems that way.

    Two updates in one day! I usually don't get this far but exceptions can be made from time to time! Another new gal has joined us, we're now waiting for the arrivel of the last two recruits! Meet Jaki Alwin, Jaki came to us after reading we were in search of a new trainer and competitor with expertise in dressage. Even though she might behave and usually look sloppy, Jaki is very reliable when it comes to riding her horses.
    alt text

    With only 23 years old Jaki has lots of experience already, growing up with horses and competing for her parents. For now only 2 horses are assigned to her, IRCE Alpharite and IRCE Delicate Rose.
    alt text

  • Bay day

    I so hope you guys remember her lovely face! IRCE Giltavarnda, second offspring to IRCE Gilthanas, is ready to start with her showing carreer! With her lines going back to some well known horses like RDEC Trinidad and RDEC Hell Express, Vice is a great show jumping prospect who has shown her talent to us in some free-jumping sessions. We're currently working with her on her stamina. But wait, who is that on her back?!
    alt text
    Riding this lovely mare, is our third new rider Micha Peters. Micha grew up in Belarus, with her mom Belarussian and her dad being a Dutchman who left shortly before her birth. At the age of 20 she moved to the Netherlands in search of her father, with no succes. With little money to go back, she tried getting multiple jobs but without succes. After a year she started working for a small stable, as a stable hand. Her love for horses kept growing and soon Micha was able to start working with the horses as well. She took to riding as a fish to water, being a natural on horse back. In the 4 years which followed, Micha grew into riding and competing and decided it was time to take on a new challenge. This challenge, is here at Iron Crest. With 25 years, Micha has lots of experiance already and is great with horses. Showing us how well she handled them, we trust her to one of my most valuable horses around, IRCE Giltavarnda.
    alt text

  • Giltavarnda is beautiful :heart_eyes:

  • I really like pictures 😍

  • So been meaning to comment for awhile and now I've looked through the entire was loonng..but worth it! Your photos are really lovely and i like the way you edit the ground in, it really adds a realistic touch <3 Some of my favorite horses of yours are: IRCE Cernunnos, IRCE Filianore, SW Heimdall, IRCE Delphinium and Anubias AS <3 they're very pretty

  • 1: To Chic: I think her behavior is pretty normal. She‘s a mare a chestnut mare so (you know what guys are talking about chestnut mares, they are the devil in furry person) & she is a realy pretty mare.
    I realy love chestnuts but it’s difficult to creat a nice tone of red in sims

    2: All your sims a realy good looking woman
    I wish i had so much motivation to creat them

    3: vice is such a beautiful horse. I realy like „colourful“ horses. & i love the warm feeling (like summer) & the amtmosphar in this picture 💖

  • shame on me for not commenting in here sooner :cry: i think i’ve already said it? but that chestnut mare of yours is gorgeous! her coat is so rich and full of colour, she almost reminds me of a caramel :tongue: (although i’ll try not to eat her)

    and this little tobi lady of yours, hello sexy lady :eyes: shes gorgeous from head to toe. she looks like she has such character and personality (those bloodlines :wink: ) and not to mention her rider is also stunning :heart: your sims are beautiful, i might need one from you one day :sweat_smile:

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld thank you so much <3 :kiss: Vice is one of my most loved mares around, being on of Gilly's offspring. She has a very special place in my heart.

    @Katherine-Star-Ackles thank you :smile: I had lots of fun putting these all together <3

    @Mira-Green 1. She really lives up to that. Though for us, she's one of the few chestnut mares who acts like that :joy: Most of the horses we have are well behaved.

    1. Thank you so much for this massive compliment! It's been such a long time since I took to making sims, and I'm really pleased with the results! I'm really excited my hard work on them pays off!

    2. As said to Claire, Vice has a really special place in my heart. Being one of the few tobiano horses we have around <3 We're super keen with this eyecatcher of a mare!

    @Charlie-Smith Yes, shame on you. But same goes for me with your scrappy! Your comment is so heart warming to me! :weary: Getting some love back from someone who's work I admire is just amazing <3 I'm super excited to have some of your amazing and I bet one very precious horses in a few pedigrees, I couldn't wish for more :kissing_closed_eyes: :kiss:

  • Anona

    Our last new staff member has finally arrived. Anona Wortham is our final new staff member for now. Like Ashlee, Emily and Jaki, Anona is one of our 4 dressage trainers and competitors. Besides riding and competing horses, she together with Ashlee will coach Bree, Claire, Leeann, Micha, Alex and me in dressage as we are all-round riders for Iron Crest.
    Anona moved to the Netherlands from the UK, after she got engaged. Before moving, Anona was dressage coach for young talents with her own training program. Missing riding so much however, she decided it was time for one of her former pupils to take over her job. Shortly after her move, she stumbled upon our center and me and her became close friends really fast. After half a year, we decided to hire more staff and Anona was one of the first people I contacted. She however was the last one to insist on working for me with hopes this relationship would not ruin our friendship.

    Anona rides two of our horses, she took over riding IRCE Filianore from me as well as Filia her most recent colt IRCE Bacardi

  • Foundation

    Today I'll be keeping this update rahter short as I'm offering a tribute to one of our special mares. IRCE Allemande is the foundation mares to our dressage team. Dam to two of our loved dressage horses IRCE Macintosh and IRCE Alpharite and soon-to-be mother to a new foal, Alli is a very special horse to us all.
    alt text

  • Her shade of bay is just perfect, soft and colorful, I really love her <3

  • she’s got such a beautiful coat, she looks so sweet and kind :heart:

  • I really like her reddish undertone :)
    and she has a very beautiful head

  • Beautiful shade of bay with this reddish tone in her coat :D

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