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    I'm so terrible for not keeping up with peoples blogs here. And now I have missed so many pictures and lovely updates from you :sob:
    Those two new foals look so adorable, especially IRCE Scharmisé, I think I'm evolving some sort of love for grey horses? And the little descriptions you have for them is so adorable and creative :heart:

  • I'm sure Dyramande will be great in the ring, attitude is always the best trait a horse could have!

  • Foals <3 Armani looks like she could be a handful when it's time to break her in :see_no_evil: I wish her the best in the future and I can't wait to see her when she's an adult <3

  • The Jokester

    We already have the flashy, the shy and the fierce. To this little bunch of variety, we introduce the jokester.

    He's the last foal of our dressage mare IRCE Pixie Dust, sired by our first dressage stallion IRCE Spitfire. Where he got his behaviour from we don't know, he doesn't resemble any of his parents in any way, as of now. IRCE Senador, with the ironic nickname of Saint, is a real jokester, curious and explores literally EVERYWHERE. Taking him and Pixel out we make sure to do this with two people as he happily strolls off on his own to explore the barn and usually ends up befriending the other horses in the barn!

    alt text


    @Fernanda-Luchetta please just stop, tyvm :sob: :heart: This makes me give super boring replies, I just don't know what to say! I'm super happy with the two little ladys and even more excited to continue with some new special lines :sparkles:

    @Sadie-Woodson thank you so much Sadie! I had much fun, but also many struggles taking these pictures and getting them ready to show off :smile: I'm happy to hear my hard work pays off!

    @Shelby-Ryans and a handfull she is! I think the pictures of Armani speaks for itself <3

    @Callixta-Rosella aaawww, thank you so, so much Calli! <3 I wish I was able to express how much these comments mean to me, but I just can't!

    @Anna-Hertler that makes two of us, haha. I'm happy to hear people actually read the small stories I've put together for these foals <3 It just gives them so much more character and makes them more then just a number and some pixels :smile:

    @Aurora-Bianchi we really hope so! Her lines have given her some great talent, her fierce character will hopefully contribute to that!

    @Therese-Lind having the little ones around is so much fun! Hopefully Armani won't be too much trouble when breaking in, but for now we're preparing for a challenge when it comes to her and the character she has! :smile: <3

  • Just realized I forgot to comment on the last few posts! I really love every single one of those foals, they are stunning, adorable and I adore that they all have such different personalities! What a special bunch of younsters <3

  • Adorable foal! He’s going to be a handful when he’s older since he loves to explore ❤️

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    Ahh he is the cutest! :sparkling_heart:

  • Babies! So cute, I absolutely love the paint! She’s frisky hahah (also teach me your editing ways please because wow), all your goals are so gorgeous!

  • what a character! With how curious this little guy is I think he'll be such an amazing horse to change, he thinks about new things instead of just reacting. Been loving these baby photos!

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    Another gorgeous foal :kissing_closed_eyes: :heart_eyes_cat: I love your barn too! It looks so smart and fancy with the arches, and such modern stalls too. And of course such beautiful horses <3

  • New arival?

    No very fancy pictures this time, but we're trying to get our Haflinger program going again! As a few of you might know I have a soft spot for these lovely but ornery ponies (as I own one in rl). We're still figuring out in what discipline we will introduce this guy, as both of our older stallions are already retired from showing! For now, he's just spending his time in his stall and out in the pastures, with Ava keeping him company and taking on caring for him.

    alt text


    @Luna-Smit thank you so, so much! <3 They are a special bunch so they deserve some extra attention, hence the short personality descriptions! And it gives so much more feel to the pictures too
    @Sadie-Woodson that's what we're expecting too! But, his curious nature will do him lots of good as well I think :smile: Thank you :heart:
    @Rena-Cort thank you Rena :heart:
    @Sorren-Greyer just like Senador, she's a handfull! She's a special little nugget, and we really hope she'll do great! :heart:
    @Wilder-M-Bernardi exactly! He is a super open minded little guy, he can be a real struggle from time to time, but his character will work in his favour later on as well I hope! :smile:
    @Callixta-Rosella Aaahhwww! Please stop it :sob: :heart: I just can't handle these kind words OK?! The barn is actually just a small project I've been working on lately <3 but it's an awesome place to keep mares and their foals at! Also, it's super nice to hear about something else besides the horses!

  • hello new pons ;)

  • OMG! I love halfys (What I call them) too bad I'm selling my irl one. But yours is so cute! Can I keep it :D

  • He's so cute! I love that picture, it's beautiful :)

  • ahhh what a cutie I love Haflingers they're so cute! You're so Lucky to have one in real life :) <3

  • Such a cute photo! I love how you make your photos seem like an everyday thing, and your barn is very pretty!

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