Iron Crest/Ashrokh Stud || Playing with the boys || 29/04/'19 || Comments welcome

  • He looks really strong and super pretty! And your pastures are so greeeen Shea!! :two_hearts: :sob:

  • Such a cute little boy! He is gorgeous. Lots of luck with this little nugget <3

  • What a pretty little baby boy <3 I love this time of the year when all the babies pops out <3

  • So sweet <3

  • Yes Babies! I love spring 😍
    Everywhere are Babys ❤️

  • @Emilia-Fox Thank you Emilia <3 :kiss: The pastures are amazing for the foals and the youngsters! And as a little spoiler, we're expecting three more little babies this season! :wink:

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thank you so much Claire! I really hope he'll be as great as his parents and grandparents :blush:

    @Therese-Lind Aahh, thanks Therese <3 We've got a few more coming real soon! Two dressage babies and another show jumping baby! I'm super excited to introduce them once born :smile: <3

    @Rena-Cort Thank you Rena :kiss: <3

    @Mira-Green Yes!! All the babies! I'm really excited myself to see what other people have planned for this year! <3 All those little foals and fillies around is just great to see.

  • What a beautiful little colt! And what a great pedigree he has. Best of luck for his future career :heart:

  • Very cute Baby :baby_bottle: :horse:

  • @Annalena-Voigt Thank you so much! His pedigree gives me some high hopes for the futures, but we'll see :smile:

    @Nicole-Loeffler Thank you Nicole <3

  • Baby fever! now i want some little foals running around my stable. He is gorgeous, and is definitely the looker! :heart:

  • Foal fever

    This season, Ernastrin is not the only foal we expected! The next generation of mares is expecting this season and the second foal has arrived! Today, IRCE Salexa and her baby girl IRCE Salinole took their first steps outside. Alina, is sired by one of our own stallions IRCE Cernunnos, with the two of them being a perfect match to produce a curious little filly. When old enough, Jill will start working this lovely little lady.

    alt text

    @Jasmin-Mikaelson Thank you so, so much <3 :kiss: I'm pretty sure this little lady is up to your liking as well then :eyes: Besides Earl and Alina, we're still expecting two more babies this season :confetti_ball:

  • What a beautiful baby! :heart_eyes: you have such lovely horses :heart:

  • Love that super sweet facemarking

  • Such a sweet girl <3 she and momma look like they are enjoying their time on the pasture. Can't wait to see the other foals! :D

  • That's a beautiful picture. They both look so sweet. Alina has such a cute blaze.

  • PR Committee

    Wow I've missed a lot of awesome updates but I came right in time for the sweetest foal! I love her face marking, and her tiny little ears <3

  • Reaching the end

    The last few days really have been hectic around here. Our third, and first to last, foal has arrived! This handsome little man is offspring to IRCE Delphinium and IRCE Macintosh and named IRCE Macister. He has had a slightly troublesome start, still visible when in the pasture, with a hard time standing and getting up. Hopefully, with propper care, this little man will grow up to become a handsome stallion and start a great dressage carreer!

    alt text

    @Isabella-Khrazenzia thank you so, so much! <3 I'm super happy to hear that, I spend lots of time maybe a bit too much sometimes on creating my horses :blush:
    @Mira-Green thanks Mira :smile: Her face marking really suits her adorable and sometimes clumsy character.
    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld It didn't take that long for the next one to arrive! :confetti_ball: Sally seems to be a great mother for her first foal and definitly enjoys her time off from training!
    @Samantha-Jadirea thank you Samantha! :kiss: We're super happy to have the two of them around now. Also a little bit surprised Sally didn't pass her lovely pattern on to her offspring, but definitly a nice and interesting face marking!
    @Callixta-Rosella thanks Calli <3 It appears Alina her face marking takes up all the interest haha! And boy does she know she's adorable, none of us can get past her without being asked for a cuddle or a scratch which she always manages to receive! :heart_eyes:

  • look at his cute little legs! i hope he gets better with standing up and walking soon. he's a sweetheart :>

  • I hadn't realized IRCE Ernastrin all the way up there was RDEC Hogotha's first great-great grand baby :blush: :two_hearts: What a lovely colt he is, I'm sure he will go far with such an impressive pedigree! :wink:
    You have some beautiful foals this year for sure! I'd love to get a breeding from you sometime :heart_eyes:

  • @Siri-Kane He's super adorable <3 The last few days he seems to be doing better, soon he'll be sharing the pasture with the other foals and see how that improves him! :smile:

    @Isabella-Khrazenzia Yes! I have a really precious line running from Hogotha which started with our first bred stallion. From her filly, Gilthanas, we've had two amazing fillies! :heart: :blush:
    When it comes to breeding, our stallion service is open whole year around and just got updated today :wink:

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