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  • Okay, so how many updates did I miss from you?! :crying_cat_face:

    Firstly, Remmy has the cutest face, I simply love his face marking and pink nose combo. His coat matches the little flowers so beautifully, as well as his mom's, who looks so patient on that photo.
    Secondly, your autumn posts are definitely another reason to celebrate this coozy season! Just wowzers. Your grey mare looks all proud, I love the way you've drawn her hairs, and the lighting makes it look like a painting.
    Last but not least, Deimos and Ava photo is my favorite among them. I mean, how could it not? It's simply flawless. The matching colors, the pose, handsome Deimos looking so confident, Ava's cute outfit and the dreamy landscape. Do we need to talk about the lighting as well? And the grass? No? Okay. :two_hearts:

  • What a great picture :heart:
    Deimos is a stunning boy! and he is the perfect horse for a autumn picture for sure :P 🌰

  • alt text

    The nights are cold, the nights are long, the nights are stormy.

    While the winds were gushing, the sky turned dark and the raindrops started falling, they hurried to take the horses inside. A storm was coming. What seemed to be a beautiful autumn day changed quickly to a dreary evening, and a dreary night. It was indeed “All Hallows’ Eve”.

    alt text

    Just in time, they got the horses inside. Save and sound. The wind’s power grew, howling sounds could be heard through the gutters, the rain came rushing down and thunder could be heard in the distance. Stable hands discussed how to best calm the horses and keep them secured, “They seem to have a rough night ahead. Best to secure the stable”. Securing the stalls, they took off in a hurry. Into the dark and stormy weather. After all, they had their wives and children waiting at home.
    The horses were rather calm, all but one. Walking circles in her stall, but no one to comfort her. The winds howled, rain clattered down, and the thunder grew louder. Outside, the trees were moving heavily, creaking like they could reach their breaking point any time soon. A bang, the door flung open and a heavy rush of wind entered the building. She got scared and started panicking in her stall.

    alt text

    She started kicking and rearing towards the stall door. Frantically trying to open it, escape the enclosed space. The door gave away and flung open, she rushed out. Moving into the wheat fields, free as a bird, running like the wind. Not because of the freedom, she was scared, panicked and fleeing. In heavy rain, thunderstorms and howling winds.

    alt text

    What came over that specific mare, no one knows. The stable hands found her the next day, in the wheat fields. Soaked and scared, trusting no one.
    I don’t know if it was me or if she had sensed my presence. I’m after all just the whisper in the winds.

    My entry for the spooky story challenge


    @Fernanda-Luchetta You seriously can't imagine how happy your comments always make me! I had so much fun making those pictures, especially the autumn ones <3 :fallen_leaf: Ava and Deimos is my best work so far, I think in all my time on equus even! I had so much fun making the picture's composition even though the halloween challenge is a very close one too. Again, I'm so happy with you comments, just let me love you! <3 :sob:

    @Maria-Jones thank you so much Maria <3 Like I said to Fernanda, I had so much fun with the picture. I always love looking at your pictures, so getting such a nice comment back means so much to me <3

  • Wow! I can't even imagine how much work that horse pic must have been! The lightning, the clouds, the rain. I LOVE it! You should seriously make a guide of how to make stuff look like stormy weather, bc that right here is perfection! Denmark loves you! :flag_dk: :heart_eyes: <3 :alien:
    alt text

  • strikethrough text

    Jamilla finds comfort with her, even during the good days. When the rain pours down and when the sun shines bright. She has a friend in her, a save haven. When around her, the world feels like heaven.

    Jamilla cherishes her new mare, IRCE Alphontadore (Honeybrook Thorlux x IRCE Alpharite).

    alt text


    @Regina-Walker thank you so much! <3 I had so incredibly much fun making the pictures and writing the story and I'm happy to see my hard work payed off! :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • Your horses are very adorable :blush:

  • Alphontadore is a very pretty girl :heart: Her coat looks really special and unique!

  • Alphontadore seems to be gentle giant :heart_eyes:

  • I'm going to be a drooly grandma right now but isn't this girl simply flawless? :heart_eyes:
    It may be Thorlux's fault, it may be Alpha's... probably both - turns out the little princess is jaw dropping. Her beautiful coat will make sure to turn some judges' heads her way on any Dressage ring, no doubts on that. And she looks just so sweet! How can I not see a huge teddy bear cuddling Jamilla? :heart:
    You have once again made a great work on the photo as well, dear! I honestly love the background, specially, and the pose is adorable. You always know how to match colors nicely. It's always so rewarding to send BIY's your way and see the amazing outcomes :two_hearts:

  • alt text

    Eclipse, noun:
    The total or partial obscuring of one celestial body by another.

    Obscured by white his body is. Eclipsean AS, the newest addition to our Arabian section Ashrokh Stud. It's slowly digging it's feet in to the earth, to officially start off our Arabian and related breeds section. I say relating breeds as this stallion is not an arabian, but rather a pintabian. With his grullo tobiano coat he'll be a great addition to get to start introducing this breed to our center as well.

    alt text

    And with new horses, comes new staff. Working at Ashrokh is the newest member of our horse loving family, Doreen Hilton. Doreen will be taking on two of our older Arabian mares, Madinah AS and Anubias AS.

    alt text


    @Shagaia-Nedja-ri thank you very much! A horse's love can mean so much to a person, it doesn't matter at what time, good or bad!

    @Borja-Domecq thank you Borja! <3 She's for sure one of our more uniquely patterned horses. Besides her looks she's a real sweetheart, so she's everything you'd look for in a horse! :blush:

    @Aurora-Bianchi She really is! Even though she can seem (and be) a little uncouth at some times she's one of our friendliest mare around <3

    @Fernanda-Luchetta go and be a proud grandma!! I guess it's just both of their faults, as well as mine and yours :shrug_tone3: Mine for making her, yours for offering Thorlux to me as her sire. Either way, I'm glad she exists in my game! I'm always very greatful you are willing to offer me your amazing lines for my personal horses I will make some work of thanking you for that, as well as your always amazing comments here! A big and uncouth lady of cuddles she indeed is! Long story short, you really see Alphontadore as I see her and managed to capture that in words I couldn't. I love you so much for all of these kind words, be it on the horse, the picture or every thing else I do <3 :sob:

  • that horse is so stunning :heart_eyes:

  • That sim is totally amazing! <3

  • I love the clothes of your sim :heart_eyes:

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't really know if I go in awe for your new update or for the reply you've written me :sob:
    Firstly, as I said, I'm really excited for this new project of yours! It is always so exciting to star off new things, and with the talent you have for horse (and sim!) making and photos, it only makes me looking forward to it even more.
    Your first new pon couldn't have turned out better! I mean, grullo and tobiano is such a great match. I love the way you've drawn his hair and made his looks even more mysterious with his name and the photo's background. You can always make such unusual, imponent names, can't you? Not only horse names, but your new stable's name is very catching - I'm in love.
    As previously said in here, your sims clothes is another thing to great you for! I simply love Doreen's looks - from her hair color and bun to her glasses, her jeans and her boots, but my favorite part is, of course, her sweater! I'd totally have it in RL. It's just too much style for a single sim :heart_eyes:
    I really do comment every time from my heart - you really deserve it. It is always so clear all the time and effort you put in everything you do, it's nothing but a pleasure to let you know we notice it. Keep up the great work :heart:

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    With autumn comes a massive change in weather. We all pulled out our sweaters, jackets and hoodies from our clostets. And as the days are getting dark earlier, we had to work hard to get all horses worked before dark. So we decided to finally move inside and make use of our indoor riding arena. We're very spoiled with this building but don't use it much, especially when the weather is nice. But we couldn't stretch this any longer and finally moved indoors. This means earlier morning trainings and working longer days.
    The first training indoor has taken place with Jess and her mare Tamarinda. Even though she's still young, Tammy shows real potential and picks up new moves really fast during training. This means both her and Jess are working up their ways in dressage levels. Even though they are only competing at first level, both Jess and Tammy are working on more difficult movements to make their flow through levels more easy.

    alt text


    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld thank you so much! :sob: You can't imagine how happy I am with him. Especially his markings, as they are one of my few self made tobiano markings!

    @Regina-Walker thank you <3 She reminds me of myself, with the 'geeky' but always comfortable look. She kind of represents how I would want to feel like, always! Comfortable, confident and ready to take on the world!

    @Shagaia-Nedja-ri thank you! :blush: I really like the style she has, like I mentioned before Doreen looks super comfortable <3

    @Fernanda-Luchetta Awww come here you and let me love you!! The forum needs something more then just an upvote, mainly for comments like yours :sob: :sob: Even though I tried it before and ended up neglected, I really want to continue with this project! And Eclipsean couldn't be a better horse to blow some life back into it again. How couldn't I want to keep this baby!?
    I honestly don't really think about naming horses, stables or whatever? :see_no_evil: Believe it or not, I have a hard time picking names for my horses! I'm always happy when I can settle on something I like and it's really satisfying to get complimented for! <3 I think for Ashrokh, it's mainly the name that will keep me from getting it going again.
    And, ugh, Doreen! I think she secretly resembles all of use somewhere? Comfy, cozy and confident! I'm always, always, very greatful and fullfiled when I read your replies. Be it on my own posts or others'. Getting comments to really come from the heart is so difficult for me, even replying to them is! I really admire your way to bring all this into written words <3

  • PR Committee

    Ugh I missed so many updates, but I loved seeing all your autumn pictures :maple_leaf: Schneestern stands out so much against all those vibrant oranges and browns in the background, and I am soooo in love with Deimos :drooling_face: He looks so handsome and so calm with his rider; and his chestnut coat is just perfect :two_hearts:
    Your Halloween entry is amazing; I love the lashing rain and the chill dreary tone to the story, and that galloping picture is amazing :heart_exclamation:
    Tammy looks so classy strutting her stuff; your indoor arena looks wonderful and spacious too <3

  • What a lovely picture! Love the matching colors set ❤️

  • alt text

    "Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side"
    A special girl, a young lady who overcame her problems. Even though this isn't easy, and we struggle with things try to walk on the wild side every once in a while.

    Jildau took IRCE Corabella out for practice, this time some XC jumps were scheculed. For Jildau something newer, Bell has gotten used to it already and has almost hit her second title in eventing.

    alt text


    @Callixta-Rosella thank you so, so much for your kind words! <3 We're woefully and happilly enjoying the autumn weather. I think all pictures from previous update show that, Jamilla and Schnee as well as Ava and Deimos show the beauty of the season where the challenge entry and Jess with Tammy show the more recent view we had towards autumn. Dreary and cold weather.
    @Jade-Nguyen Thank you so much Jade! <3 On Tammy, it was totally intentional, with Jess matching as well was just a coincidence :see_no_evil: I'm happy to hear it looks good!

  • Amazing editing skills, everuthing looks so peaceful, even though it's an action shot

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